Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 2, 2017


Well, I finished these socks last night and wore them when we went for a walk.

It was a beautiful sunny day and DH suggested going for a walk. I fancied going up near Osmotherly and having a walk around the reservoir. Well , we left the Boro where it was cold but not freezing but by the time we drove up to Stokesley we were seeing slush on the road and cars coming towards us with snow in the roofs. Oh oh! We were going up via Swainby and there is a steep windy bank. Well, as we approached we could see a car trying to back down the road. DH got out to investigate  and the surface was covered with black ice. He had trouble keeping on his feet. The other guy got out of his car as he was up on the grass verge and when he got on the road , he too started to slip. He was on a bit of a slope and it almost looked as if he was surfing down the road.

Even though we had hazard warning lights turned on, an old red transit van zoomed past us. I don’t know if he got up the bank as we turned on the local road back into Swainby.

So, where to walk? We drove over to Saltburn and had a walk along the prom and then down the cliff steps to the lower prom. The fish and chip shop was doing a roaring trade with a huge queue waiting. No one was queuing at the ice cream café though. It was too cold.  I did get a photo of the pier with a lot of people on it and the beach. The tide was out but the waves were rolling in.


  1. When it comes to black ice, discretion is the better part of valour. Good decision….and fine socks.

  2. Great socks, were they hard to knit? I’d love to try.

    • I have been knitting since I was 5 yrs old so that’s over 60 years , so for me they are easy. However, I was taught to knit them from the top down. A few years ago I found a tutorial for knitting them from the toe up, and I find this a much easier method. Sorry I cant give you a link . I prefer Regia yarn when I can get it at a reasonable prove as I know it washed and wears well. These current ones are knitted in Drops yarn. I think it may also be a German firm but I am not sure, They have video tutorials according to the yarn band I have in front of me. Give it a go.

  3. Wonderful socks indeed! Happy socks!

  4. Gosh Brenda, while we swelter here it sounds as though you really need those beautiful socks.

  5. You’ve chosen cheerful colours for the socks Brenda. Very nice!

    • i have started another pair using up the leftover coloured wool with black. looks very effective so will post when they are finished.

  6. Hi Brenda, I’m popping over from Tea and a Sewing Machine to say hello! I love the socks 🙂 I visited Saltburn a long time ago, it was lovely. Where was the picture in your header taken? It’s beautiful, I can almost smell the sea!

    • Actually Anna it was just a stock photo for the header. I loved it. I probably should use one of my own now. I do love the sea

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