Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 28, 2016

New Year is coming

Well, I have put in a painful week or so but am pleased to say that the pain level is diminishing and I cam move around without the bone ends crunching. That was most unpleasant but bearable.

I can’t cycle or sew yet and will be starting physiotherapy in the new year. I have felt a bit better in the past couple of days and have spent time rearranging my work schedule. Today, DH took me out in the car, as it was a beautiful sunny but frosty day. I took a few photos.

hope you like our beautiful North Yorkshire.


  1. It is beautiful and I do like it. I hope that you injury continues to mend satisfactorily.

    • thanks TP. sleeping better too and I only take one lot of pain meds so that is a definite improvement

  2. I love your beautiful North Yorkshire. Thank goodness it isn’t too far away, I can visit often. Hope your physio goes well.

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