Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 18, 2016


After a lot of deep therapeutic massage , I got back on my bike this week. On Saturday , DH and I went for a ride along the Tees as I wanted to see if the fly tipping has been removed. It hasn’t.

however, I wasn’t very fast and DH was cold , so he started to push me. Something, he has done many times. he forgot that DS1 had attached another  rear view mirror to his handlebars and that intertwined and before we knew it, we were both in a pile up. it could have been worse as at least it was a fairly soft landing in grass and mud but I knew something wasn’t right. DH was ok and he untangled me from the bikes but I was in no condition to ride. this has never happened before. we started to walk but decided it was better for him to go home and get the car and pick me up. he suggested the Lidl carpark.

so I carried on walking along the river, up the ramp to Newport bridge and then to the car park. I waited and waited, no sign of him and no answer on his phone. eventually I rang home and DS1 came out for me and picked me up on Union street as I had to keep walking to stay warm. DH didn’t think I would make it that far so he had gone closer to the river and walked along as he couldn’t see me.  Turns out , in his concern to be back with me, he had left his phone in his handlebar bag , so didn’t have it.

anyway, the upshot was, I had to go to hospital and I have broken my left clavicle (collarbone) so no more riding for 4-6 weeks. YTD mileage 4150 miles.

Today Sunday, we celebrate 45 years of marriage. I have sewed him a waistcoat and bowtie.


so I might not have much to post about for the rest of the year, have a lovely Christmas season however you do or do not celebrate.





  1. Oh poor old you! I do hope the bone heals well and that you’ll find other healthy ways to get exercise over the next few weeks. I know how much I’d miss my bike if I couldn’t cycle….

    • Don’t feel much like moving as my legs are very bruised too. Stupid accident

  2. What rotten luck. I hope that the collarbone knits up as nicely as your waistcoat. It was lucky that you had hit your target mileage in plenty of time.

    On a side note, I heard Sean Kelly say in a television commentary that slow speed crashes are more likely to lead to breaks than high speed ones as you have time to put your hand out.

    Congratulations on your 45 years together.

    • fortunately I didn’t put my hand out or I would have had a Colles fracture of the wrist. I landed on my shoulder , luckily the clavicle went and not the humeral head.
      dh told me he had a lot of great comments on his waistcoat so I was pleased I got a great fit.
      we were lucky to find each other early in life and to grow together.

      • Long may it last!

  3. Oh dear, that’s terrible. Get plenty of rest. Happy Anniversary.

  4. Oh Brenda! Sorry to hear of your accident. So thankful it wasn’t much worse. 4-6 weeks off. At least it’s during your coldest months. I hope you enjoy your Christmas despite the injury.

    • thanks for your good wishes Robyn. I have a husband and 2 sons at home so am well looked after. back to hospital today

  5. Sorry to read of your accident. Anyway keep happy and have a lovely Chirstmas.

  6. Oh no! That’s not good news Brenda. I hope you have a restful time and return fully recovered to enjoy your cycling again. Take care. Wishing you a peaceful Christmas.

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