Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 11, 2016

Saltburn by the Sea

Again, not much riding this week but Saturday was dry and the sun even peeped out for a short while. It’s funny old weather though – cold and frosty one day and then the next day 10C more and the rain comes down in torrents. So make the most of each day.

We set off for Saltburn as I knew there was a Christmas market on and wanted to have a look around. Actually, all I bought was 2 scones and 2 pieces of ginger cakes spending £1.70p. There was a knitted necklace for sale at £18.00 which made me chuckle. It looked like I could have knitted in in about 10 minutes but people have to make money if they can.

While I was looking around , DH was spotted by an old Sustrans colleague C so they were having a good chat. When I joined them I told C about my solo trips this year and DH says my blog should be called psychointhesixthdecade. Haha!


We then rode around the promenade and we stopped near the cliff lift as I wanted to take a photo of Huntcliff.


I noticed that the lift was working so went to have a nosy. There was a chap dressed as an elf and apparently they were running a Santa’s grotto type of thing in one of the cars.


This is an old Victorian lift and has been beautifully restored. The power comes from water and as one car descends the other is pulled up. The black “box” is where the water enter and when filled starts  its journey to the lower promenade. I did see a Santa in the car just before it descended.

We cycled back along and stopped to picnic in the grounds of Kirthleatham Hall. I young woman with a little boy asked us if we knew where the Santa and his reindeer were? we had no idea and turns out , that event had been the previous week. I told her about the cliff lift so after the boy had played on the adventure playground , that is where they were headed. So my bit of info was of use to someone.

It did turn decidedly colder as we were headed into the wind on our return journey so I was glad we had stopped and I put on my  Paramo jacket and didn’t take it off until we got home.

On the sewing front , I have almost completed a quilt made from ” orphan” blocks donated to me. I have regarded this a ” sacrifice quilt” , as I have practiced my ruler work on it. Not fantastic  but it will keep someone warm.

Here is some of the ruler work from the front and the back.  not brilliant stitching but a learning experience.

The other is a quilt top I have just finished. It was made from a monthly instruction on the quilt show, an online quilting magazine over the past year. I will NEVER do another. It is lovely but not my style  but it has made me understand that 1. I am much more improvisational than a planner and 2. I prefer to free machine quilt.

I use ideas from Philippa Naylor’s book on appliqué for the centre. It is very loosely based on a quilt stitched  by convicts being transported to Australia on the ship Rajah. It  is half the size of the original  at about 70 inches square  .

So sewing has been going  well and my cycling is coming on YTD 4130 miles



  1. The quilting is very fine. I am sure that the recipient will very snug under your orphans.

  2. The quilts look lovely.

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