Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 29, 2016

Is it really the end of October?

We have had another good week and I have ridden over 100 miles. It started on Monday when we were able to cycle in the early hours but then on Tuesday morning there was thick fog.  Well , it is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. However, an early finish from work saw us riding along the river .  There wasn’t any wind as evidenced by the steam rising straight up into the sky from the works.20161025_153036265_ios



It was very sad to see a lot of fly tipping along the cycle track. I have reported it to environmental services and they did phone me to ask where it is. I was quite specific but I think they can’t have read the email. Hopefully, it will soon be shifted because in the dark it is dangerous.


Wednesday came and we had an early morning ride and again in the afternoon we were able to have a ride across to Saltholme RSPB reserve. It was lovely to get a photo of the transporter bridge.



Thursday was a “lazy” day with only an early morning 6.5 miles.

Friday was an 11 miles ride and we checked the forecast for Saturday as we had accumulated 62 miles during the week and I wanted to get over a hundred. The forecast seemed fairly favourable with gently SSW winds but it was supposed to be cloudy all day. How wrong they were!! It was a beautiful day. We left home about 9.30am and headed out of town up Dixon’s bank. We weren’t very far up when I got a really bad cramp from my hip down my leg, behind my knee and down my calf into the sole of my foot.  It was very unpleasant to say the least. I had to stop and stretch it out and I got DH to raise my saddle by .5inch. it worked and it eased off so we could continue. So it was up through old Nunthorpe village and along to Gt Ayton. We had to ride the main road along through Pinchinthorpe and it was fairly busy, as the sun brought people out. We rode into Guisborough and then along past the hall. Here we crossed onto the other side of the road and got onto the footpath, which becomes a dual use path very soon after. I was glad because the road goes across the moors to Whitby and the stream of cars was constant. I believe there is a Bram Stoker festival on there this weekend. This is very popular and if you go to Whitby on the right weekends , you see plenty of Goths and others dressed in Steampunk fashions.  Still I digress.

When we got near Charltons, we crossed the road and headed through the woods along NCN 168 to Boosbeck.


Its a while since we have ridden this way and we did make a small “detour” but it felt wrong , so we stopped and I asked a passing lady and she pointed us down the hill. This took us to Skelton Green , where I stopped to take a couple of photos as it is quite a high vantage point.  Its a steep descent down into Skelton and once through the village, we turned down and rode past Rushpool Hall into Saltburn. It was time for a break and I have to say, it was great to be able to sit on the front in brilliant sunshine. DH took off his long sleeved jersey, but not for long!!

Saltburn Bank is a 25% hill and it was too busy to attempt with its twists and turns, so we rode along the prom and walked up the donkey track.

We then rode past the allotments and into Marske and along to Redcar. I was surprised that there were more visitors in Saltburn than Redcar  , and we weren’t held up along the prom.

We saw a typical Yorkshire cobble  fishing boat coming in to land. Thought you might like to see it.

It was a bit of a slog into the freshening breeze along past the defunct steelworks into Middlesbrough. We were going to ride the river, but Middlesbrough football club had a match starting so there were cars parking and people  walking along the cycle way we would have used. So a change of plan and up through North Ormesby and I was still a few miles short. So into and around Albert park twice  to get the mileage up.

So for the week its 103.9 miles and YTD 3877.






  1. A very good week.

  2. My goodness Brenda! You’re certainly clocking up some miles. I loved the pictures, especially the old boat.

    • thanks Robyn- I am trying before we get the winter weather. October has been too good to be true. Mind you we did have a very long wet spring so maybe its compensation.

  3. Interesting pics – I’m getting very educated about your area! Have a niece and husband who have just moved to Middlesbrough.

    • its a great area. we have the moors and coast all within a few miles. Don’t believe that TV programme that showed it as horrendous. There are some poor areas but doesn’t every large town have those? glad you like the photos.

  4. “ is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” I love that phrase Brenda. It gives the season a wonderful feeling. I’m happy to know the weather is being kind for clocking up the miles.

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