Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 23, 2016

It’s been a good week.

Well, I have managed to cycle nearly every day and in the early mornings the rain has held off – it hasn’t come until later in the morning when I am back home.

I continue to resemble a Christmas tree and have 9 lights about the bicycle and upon my person. I want to be seen so that no one can say they didn’t see me. As an example , I was crossing a light controlled crossing and there was chap coming towards me. He had a flashing helmet light on and was clearly visible. What I didn’t see  until the last minute was a man in front of him, dressed in black with no lights and without any helmet. This is only my opinion, but that is an accident waiting to happen and he has no thought for hs family, friends and the driver who may one day hit him.

Anyway, riding along the river in daylight, I have noticed these purple, daisy like flowers and they are in quite an abundance. I have no idea what they are called but they are an autumn flower.

So Monday to Friday riding I amassed 45 miles  so we were all set to go out riding Saturday morning and then it started raining. Bummer. I don’t mind riding in the rain , if it starts when I am already out but if I have to leave a nice, warm house , I can be put off. Luckily, by 11.00am , it dried up and we were off by 11.30am. We decided to ride over to Cozy Coffee and see the delightful owner Rosie.

So it was down to the river  where we saw a canoe slalom event taking place. it went on all day and I took a photo of the automatic ramp that takes kayakers still in their boats back up to the top of the course. 

Dodging competitors and crowds we rode  along through Stockton on Tees and up across the market place, avoiding  shoppers who had come out because the rain had abated. We rode on route 14 up to the crossing near Norton road and through Carlton and Redmire to Bishopton. I was really pleased with myself and was riding well. Then comes the steeper hill out of the village and I admit that DH did give me a bit of help , but I didn’t refuse his hand on my back.  Once in Great Stainton , we turned right and then left  signed Newton Aycliffe and rode along before turning off towards the village of Brafferton.

Rosie was delighted to see us , as we were her only cyclists on Saturday but the week before , people had to sit outside. We were snug inside her shepherds hut and had scrambled eggs on toast and hot chocolate. Then we rode down Harrowgate Hill to the outskirts of Darlington. We turned left and rode down into Great Burdon  and got onto a cycle track that runs along to the A66. Here we went down under a tunnel to cross to the other side and then rode along to our usual way home, through the villages of Middleton St George, Long Newton  and Elton where we had a brief stop. By now it was nearing 4.00pm so we made the decision to shorten the ride home as it was evident that the sun was dropping .  I thought that if it was summer and we were cycle camping , I would be getting ready to pitch a tent. How I enjoy cycle camping and touring.

So that was 37 completed on Saturday and a total for the week of 84 miles.

I have worked out the year to date total and it is 3642 miles so I am edging closer to my target.  Sorry I haven’t been able to post any photos. I don’t know why but I cannot get any photos to come through.



  1. Your total is looking good.

  2. Brenda, I was looking for the photos and then saw you hadn’t forgotten but had issues loading them. The ride sounds like a good addition to your totals. I admire your goal.

  3. Great to read that you’ve been able to cycle each day this week Brenda. I agree with you about being well-lit when riding in the dark or even in poor light. I’m always amazed when I come across cyclists who aren’t well-lit.

  4. My guess is that the daisy like flowers are Michaelmas Daisies.
    You must be getting up pretty early to get out for these early morning rides – may I be nosy and ask what your secret is to getting up and out so early? I’m by no means a late riser but I bet you’re up before me!

    • Hi Lizzie, thanks for the guess a Michaelmas daisy- are they purple?
      I tended to get SAD – seasonal affective disorder – not badly but we started by putting a daylight bulb above the bed and it goes on at 5.50am. we are out of bed and getting dressed by 6.ooam and then out the door by about 6.15 – 20am. it depends on how organised we are. We ride from between 45-90 minutes depending on how much time we have. I wont get out in the morning as I am starting work at 7.30am. Don’t forget , I am further north though and our days get shorter more quickly than where you live. I love those early morning hours. only about 350 miles to get t my 4000 miles target but I wont stop when I reach it. it will be interesting to see how many I achieve.

      • Ah, riding before breakfast, that explains it! I get SAD too, in fact have been doing some reading up on it recently. I know that the more fresh air and exercise I get, and also the earlier I get up, the better I feel. Your mileage is admirable by the way!

      • Thanks Lizzie. I will send you a private message

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