Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 23, 2016

Golden Crunch


Well, it has been a relatively dry week and it is surprising just how quickly the leaves have begun to turn golden yellow and have dropped to the ground. When I have been riding through them they have crunched under my wheels. It brings out the child in me.

I have been riding in the dark most mornings and this allowed a good chance to photograph the Infinity bridge.



I just love how they light it with blue lights.

Workwise , I have been a bit quiet so we took the opportunity to get out and ride as well as stay home and knit or quilt. The early mornings are getting darker but that didn’t stop me getting in 45 miles by Thursday. Friday dawned cloudy but the forecast was for better weather for the day. I knew that there was a ladies only ride on and they had published their route. Not wanting to join them, we still took their idea and ran with it but later than they were leaving.

We set off at 9.30am and rode across on our usual route to Yarm. A later start meant that the traffic wasn’t so hectic to get through the High Street. This is the week when Yarm Fair is held and we noticed a closure sign but it didn’t seem to be in force during the day. We rode up to Kirklevington and then turned alone Forest lane to what the map shows as Worsall toll bar. We needed to adjust what we were wearing as it was warmer than we thought.

Once in Appleton Wiske , we rode straight down and through Hornby and Great Smeaton where we turned right and then not long after left through East and North Cowton before turning to ride through Streetlam and into Danby Wiske. This was about 25 miles and I was pleased as I was riding well, even up hills. I have found that I am much better if I have a breakfast that has more protein so I had scrambled eggs and beans before setting out. I Danby Wiske we had lunch , which was leftovers from Thursdays evening meal . It wasn’t as sustaining enough.

We rode on down a single track road to Yafforth before turning and riding into Romanby, which is now really a suburb of Northallerton. We called into a supermarket and bought a banana loaf  which we ( me) devoured hungrily.

We decided to ride back our usual way and I was so pleased that I managed the hills. DH did give me the odd help but as he said I didn’t really need it. That was about 59 miles.

When Saturday came, we were out again. First up to Great Ayton and then down to Easby and along to Stokesley. Another brief stop to eat the rest of the banana loaf and we were off on the home strait. We were pleased that we made that decision as it began to rain just after we got home. That was about 25 miles and I worked out the  mileage for the week at 131miles

So my YTD mileage is 3773 miles . Getting nearer to my goal.







  1. Well done for looking after your knee well enough to be able to achieve this good weekly total.

  2. It’s interesting to find out what food works best for your riding. I like to have some protein too but not too much. About the mileage Brenda… what is your yearly goal?

    • Hi Gail, my goal for this year is 4000 miles so I am edging ever closer. I hope to exceed it but will just have to see.

      • Two months to go. You’re a good chance to make it Brenda 👌

      • as long as we don’t get too many frosts an early snow

      • I hadn’t thought of that. Fingers-crossed.

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