Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 9, 2016

Back on my Koga

Well, this week I decided to try riding my Koga again. Because of the knee injury, riding the much lighter Dahon seemed a sensible option and that’s what I have used since I started riding again. I enjoyed last week and was pleased with the mileage but do like the larger wheels, so I started off on Monday and cycled just over 6 miles. Not a great distance but it didn’t cause any aggravation of the knee but I have noticed a little swelling , but no pain.

The mornings are seeing a lot of fog and mist either rolling up from the river or arising from the ground. In fact sometimes it looks quite eerie in the half light of these dark mornings.


It is also noticeable how the trees are turning russet and gold and the paths are showing signs of falling leaves more and more. We really are in the season of “mist and mellow fruitfulness.”

I was able to get out every day this week and amassed about 36 miles in total. Not huge but a start and all on the heavier Koga.

We decided to try a longer ride and were making plans to ride over to Cosy Coffee near Brafferton, to support this small business. However, we checked the weather forecast and our usual winds coming from the west reversed. There is a high over Scandinavia and the wind was forecast to come from the North East. Well that warranted a change of plan.

So Saturday saw us leave to ride up across to Norton and then up the hill at Beaconsfield Road. I was a bit uneasy as at the best of times , I have to drop my gears fairly low. However, with encouragement ie. DH’s hand on my back occasionally, I made it up , no problem. That made me feel better and I even managed the swoop down and up and across the road to the Castle Eden Walkway. The sky had was grey and overcast as we set off and there had been rain overnight but the track was mud free so it didn’t appear that it had done so further north. It got so warm I had to take off a layer and the sun shone dappling the path ahead. We met a chap riding a black Moulton. I haven’t seen on in the “flesh” so to speak and he chatted for a while but surprisingly we were a bit fast for him. He had just missed out bidding for a Koga Randonneur on E-bay much to his disappointment. We  continued up to Hurworth burn but lost sight of him. He had left his wife waiting in the car while he had a ride. It was a delight to see the cows near the water.



Once we had come through Station  Town and onto the fields , I could see the trees beginning to put on their autumn coats so stopped to take a photo.


Once down at the bottom, in these trees we turned onto route 14 Hart to Haswell and started to descend towards Hartlepool. It was so delightful  to be riding along without pain and I said to DH that I almost felt like I was away on a tour.

Once in Hartlepool, the clouds stated scudding in but fortunately we had made a correct decision and had the wind on our backs.


We cycled along the promenade to Seaton Carew  and you can see it had turned into a grey sort of day. Sheltering in the 1930’s bus station, we drank hot home made soup we had brought in a flask and ate bananas. I had brought the latter wrapped in bubble wrap in my handlebar bag as they don’t travel too well but they were perfect.

With a tail wind we soon reached Saltholme. I hoped to stop to take photos of some seals just before there but the traffic was too busy , so sorry I didn’t get any. There were at least a dozen seals on the creeks edge as it was low tide.

There were road works and so we had to wait to get through but this made me see this sign I haven’t seen before.



Sometimes we just don’t always see what is around us. I just love the quirkiness of their signs. It makes you read, laugh and take notice. The bird reserve was full of flies. Great for insect eating birds but an irritation to us. I had to put spectacles on to keep them out of my eyes. Still, we all need to live and let live.

So we journeyed on home completing 39.8 miles ,making my total for the week 76.7 miles so I am very pleased with that. Hopefully next week will be as good.







  1. I am glad that you are able to do some more serious riding. The notice was entertaining. It is nice to see a sense of humour in an official communication.

    I had one of the original Moultons in the 1960s when I was a student but some unmentionable ****** pinched it. It was quite a handful going down the steep cobbled streets in Edinburgh so I hope the thief fell off and hurt himself.

  2. This sounds and looks like a really enjoyable ride. The autumn colours are lovely to see Brenda. Thanks for the GPS link; I like seeing maps 🙂 You had some elevation to climb – lucky to have DHs hand. It’s amazing how much difference it makes when someone coaxes with their hand on another rider’s back. Yes, that sign made me laugh too 🙂

    • thanks Gail another early morning ride today starting in the dark. going well hope you have a good day too.

      • Thanks Brenda 🙂

  3. A lovely account of your ride Brenda. I’m glad the knee is mending. My rolled ankle still swells after exercise so expect to take some time to get back to normal. I just love the names of the places you go to but the sign takes the cake. I hope you brushed your hair!

    • thanks Robyn. I am doing well but still get niggles. Because of the Viking influence about 1000 years ago, we still have some funny place names. My favourite is Skutterskelf , a tiny hamlet near here. I also know of places in Yorkshire called Slack Bottom and Slack Top. When my sons were young teenagers that had them in fits of laughter.

      • Love it!! I watch midsummer murders and there’re many similar names on that show.

  4. i like Midsommer too but that is much further south than here in the north. The Vikings didn’t get that far. Beaten back by the Kingdom of Mercia I believe.

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