Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 18, 2016

Nice September Weather

If you read last week’s post you will remember there were lost of different  cycles at the Town Meal event. I have some more photos to share.

We have had nice weather for the most part this week and so I have been cycling every day. Still keeping the distances low , but my knee is really improving – most days. I am also getting more fond of riding on Speedy and ” it ” has morphed into a “she” when I speak of her. How does that happen?

Yesterday, I was able to accomplish a longer ride and we kept it as flat as possible so I didn’t have to stress the knee riding uphill. So it was off along the Trunk Road to Redcar. It was interesting as there was a bit of a northerly wind and I didn’t expect to see sand yachts out. One had a conventional sail.


One had a kite.


I was really surprised that the kite was able to go much faster than the sail. Maybe it was a bit windier with a bit of altitude.

We rode along into Marske and then back via Kirkleatham. The Festival of Thrift has moved venue from last year in Darlington and we intended visiting but by the time we got there, the cycle path was blocked with stalls and children and people were everywhere, including on the road into the village. This is a dangerous situation as cars come along around a blind bend. Not a well thought out plan. We did venture into Kirkleatham hall site but it was so crowded and with my smell induced spasmodic dysphonia, it was too much to stay.  Shame .

Still I managed to ride 25.5 miles on Saturday.

I came home and finished off the 30″x 30″   quilt I have been working on for a few weeks. I am particularly pleased with the binding as it is a piped binding with the addition of some machine embroidery. I picked up that idea from and then Ricky Timms put his take on it on his FaceBook page.


and a close up of the binding.


Not perfect but considering its just been a play piece I am pleased to have achieved this. I am still knitting socks as well.

Anyway a good week with 63 miles accomplished so its getting better.


  1. Brenda I’m pleased you are recovering/recovered? To have done so many miles things must be looking up. Interesting to see the wind farm in the ocean. Love the quilt, especially the binding.

  2. still have some residual pain walking but at a very low level. cycling seems to improve it? non-weight bearing seems to help

  3. It’s great to know you’ve been enjoying some regular rides again Brenda. Even if they’re flat and short – a ride’s a ride 🙂 and good for the soul.
    It’s funny isn’t how bikes take on a particular gender or personality…

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