Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 11, 2016

More Sewing and Cycling

Well, I have to tell you my knee is still “niggling”  – not bad enough to stop me doing stuff but limiting just how much I do. I have had a short solo  ride nearly every day  and a longer 17 miles ride on Saturday . The town was having its annual Town meal and was getting set up as we rode past near the Town Hall and Mima. It wasn’t  due to start until noon and we came back that way and stopped to speak to a few people we knew and some who were new. One group even came up from York with a variety bikes/ trikes for people to try.

If you look closely at the photo on the right , near the left side you can see a bakfiets   which is a Dutch child carrying bike.  It has the large wooden box on the front. Someone else called it a great shopping bike. There was also a few tandems and a tandem trike. DS2 said he had tried it with his friend but couldn’t manage. I wonder if it was because they  were riding on grass?

The Bikehub from our town had also set up a cycle course with small sized recumbent bikes and the early children were having a great time. Unfortunately, I messed that photo up so can’t show it.

So in total this week I managed 47 miles. Not great but the knee feels better cycling than walking but I don’t want to push myself too hard and end up with a chronic injury.

On the sewing  scene, I was thrilled to be informed I have on a prize from The Quilt Show I subscribe to, on the internet. I entered a few competitions and struck lucky.

If you read last week , you know I went to the Great Northern Quilt show in Harrogate.  While there I spoke to Bruce Parr of Parrs Reel Rulers as I bought one of their sets 2 years ago and had never got on with it. After investigating, I realised it is because the  needle does not centre  in the middle of the foot. Side to side isn’t a problem because I can adjust the foot that way but not front to back. Bruce said to  get in touch when they got back from the show which I did on Wednesday. I sent him some photos to show the problem and by Friday they had sent me a replacement foot which I am pleased to say centres nicely . I am hoping to get to “play” with the set very soon.

In the meantime , I have been working on the quilt I was piecing last week. Its not finished yet but I have used a combination of ruler work and free machine quilting.


Ruler work and free machine quilting combined

The borders are still to finish but I hope to get it done in the next week.  Happy cycling and sewing friends.


  1. Wonderful quilt –very arresting design!

    • Thank you it is based on a pattern by a Romanian quilter Geta Grama . Look her up she has some lovely designs

  2. Look after your knee.

    • Waking in Norway is a bit of knee stress

  3. Great to see some different bikes/trikes being shown at the Town meal. The Dutch cargo bikes are wonderful. I’ve never ridden one but delight in seeing them in Denmark carrying young children wrapped in rugs. 🙂

    • yes they are quite common in Holland and Denmark. We saw them with up to 4 children being taken about.

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