Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 4, 2016

A Bit of Cycling, a Bit of Sewing

Well, my leg is still improving but still not 100% so I have been tandem riding for longer journeys and on Speedy, my Dahon for the short ones. Last weekend , was a holiday here in the UK but we didn’t get away on a camping trip .

Monday was beautiful day and a BBQ was planned at church but not due to begin until 11.00am which is a late start for us. We are not people who lie in bed, but we are up and about early. So it was decided we would have a longish ride to the chapel.

The above link should hopefully get you to the map. We left from home and rode up through Marton, the birthplace of Capt James Cook who sailed to Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. We also rode through Great Ayton where he went to school before he was apprenticed .

From Great Ayton we rode along and through Guisborough and then up through Dinsdale before descending Yearby Bank and getting on to NCN1. We turned along through Eston and Normanby before reaching the chapel. This is me trying to do a selfie and also take a photo of DS1. Not too successful but I will use it anyway.

When we got to the BBQ , things were well underway with the fires lit and cooking just beginning. One of the other sisters has  trike and she had brought it long. I have to say that a lot of the older children and some of the adults enjoyed having a ride around the cark park. One couple also asked to try the tandem and enjoyed it.


Although, the BBQ was only supposed to be a couple of hours, as it was so unusually warm and sunny, we enjoyed each others company all afternoon.

From then on the weather hasn’t been too good but I have managed some solo cycling but only 6-7 miles at a time. Consequently, I have been sewing more. I bought a pattern from a Romanian quilter  Geta Grama and have enjoyed piecing this small quilt. I have no idea what it will make as yet but will quilt it before deciding.


I also went to the Great Northern Quilt show at Harrogate yesterday,   and had a lovely time. I was driven there by DS1 going via Tadcaster as we took his bike in to have the brakes adjusted. Cyclesense are such a thoroughly decent family firm. I have no affiliation with them but speak as I find. DS1 was hoping to ride on the cycleway near to the Great Yorkshire showground but by the time he had got his bike, the rain was pouring down so he waited somewhat patiently for me.

I was inside the new hall. I have to say the facilities are excellent with more space and great toilets but you cannot get a phone signal in there. Just as well as I ddnt receive DS1’s text messages asking if I was ready to leave. I fitted in 3 workshops. Well I had to rest my leg didn’t I?

There was a wonderful tutor called Kate Andre who lives in Tewksbury at the other end of the county. I learned about Thermofax printing using fabric paint and thickened dyes, Gelli plate printing with fabric paints or acrylics and also how to make up and thicken dyes and the various ways to use them. Here are a couple of bits that are worth showing.


I did manage to buy some  needed supplies and also to see the quilts. There were some really nice ones but I was a little disappointed to see that a lot of the winners were 2 person quilts in that they had been pieced and then sent out to be long arm quilted. However, that is what is happening now. I have realised I really love the quilting part.

If you have read this far, well done and thank you.

I couldn’t resist buying this ribbon but cyclists spot the mistake.



  1. The trip map website wouldn’t let me in.

    • Thanks for letting me know. It may be because my son recorded the trip and not me . Thanks for reading

      • You could be right about the trip. It’s a pleasure to read your posts.

  2. thanks TP

  3. That is a great selfie! Glad to read you’ve been able to get out riding Brenda.
    About spotting the mistake… something to do with putting the cart before the horse…?? 🙂

    • Yes- the trailer in front of the tandem. Don’t know what I will use it for . Maybe a trim on a bag

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