Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 14, 2016

Set back

Cycling took a bit of a back seat this week. First we had some unseasonably high winds, and when I did go out only managed about 25 miles in total for the week. Unfortunately, the problem wasn’t so much the winds , as a painful right leg. Fortunately though both DH and myself have had a lot of training in massage and manipulation , so have been able to realise it is a muscular problem in both the Sartorius and gastrocnemius muscles. I really think  i strained it while on my Northumbrian tour, but being the obstinate person I am, I just pushed myself. Then cycling in some of the winds , the muscles had had enough and started screaming at me. 

So on Thursday, I couldn’t cycle and decided to sew. Well that involved standing to cut out triangles and to be honest , my cutting table isnt the  correct height , so further strain. The upshot of this was I pushed myself to get the top pieced on Friday with the intention of quilting on Saturday. No such luck!

My leg was so painful by Friday night , that I couldn’t manage the stairs down from my sewing room. Anyway the top is pieced so here is a quick view.


 So I spent Saturday on the settee being ice packed every hour by my loving DH who made sure the ice pack was refrozen. No sewing so I knit instead. I finished off the blue and brown marled pair and now I have black ones on the needles . DH will get these.


Heard today that my friend N who I cycled to the Cycle Touring Festival has been knocked off his bike on a roundabout. Luckily, he was wearing a helmet so didn’t have head injury but has rib and clavicle injuries. Wishing him well for  a speedy recovery. Take care out there cycling friends.



  1. I do hope the leg gets better soon. Enforced rest does have its advantages sometimes though….like getting other projects finished! The socks are lovely.

    • thanks Lizzie. its the quilt I want to finish up as the baby is now overdue and I want it finished up. shouldn’t leave things too long. How did your trip go?

      • Quite an experience! Just writing up the blog posts now!

      • so looking forward to reading about it. Quilts and cycle camping . What could be better?

  2. I hope that you can get back on the bike soon but sewing and knitting are excellent substitutes. I lost more weight doing cross-stitch than I ever have through bicycling.

  3. did you do the cross stitch when you were recovering from surgery?

  4. Must be time for a rest after your tour… but I hope you’re on the mend soon Brenda. Take care.

    • thanks Gail – it is a bit better but think I might have to get on the tandem with DH before I get back on my own,

  5. Gosh Brenda, despite your injury you do not let it stop you. Love the quilt. Saw an exhibition of quilting in Longreach, Outback Queensland, recently. I was amazed by the different styles. I hope you make a speedy recovery and get back on the bike soon.

    • Thanks Robyn. I got back on the bike today but only 3 miles but it’s a start. Leg still not 100% . Quilting going well too. Hope to get the binding on this weekend.

      • It’s a game of patience this healing business. Your quilting is the perfect solution.

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