Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 4, 2016

My Solo Northumbrian Tour Part 5

Monday 1st August 2016

I had a very restful night in a bed and arose at 6.30am. I didn’t disturb my hosts and left their house by 7.30am. I rode down through Tynemouth and onto the promenade and followed route 1  along to the Priory and then down a track to the sea wall. The tide was out and so could see the notorious Black Middens. I remember as a child being told of the many ships that were wrecked on these rocks.


across the Black Middens to South Shields

Then it was on along the fish quay and to the Shields ferry landing. The crossing costs £1.50 and only takes about 5 minutes.


on the Shieldsman Ferry

It was a glorious morning and because it was early, I was able to ride up King Street. it has been pedestrianised but all of the shops that were familiar to my have gone. It has many boarded up properties were the likes of M&S have vacated without any other company stepping in to keep open. It is so sad but many of our High Streets are like this in the north of England. However, I continued on along Ocean Road,  and past the old lifeboat, which has been there all my lifetime.



I continued along the coast road and climbed up to Marsden then along past Souter Lighthouse and into Whitburn. I continued along the main road into Seaburn and as it was such a nice morning made my decision to ride all the way home. I had been undecided  but the weather swung it.  So I phoned DH to say what I was going to do and he said he would set off to meet me.

So it was up through Sunderland and past Silksworth leisure centre and up to Ryhope where I noticed there has been a lot of new houses built. Then it was up through Murton and South Hetton.. As I rode down the main road I followed the route sign to Haswell but I think I made a mistake and somehow had a bit of a trek across a field to get into Haswell.

Then I phoned DH to ask where he was. Ryhope!!! We worked out we had missed each other at the South Hetton crossing places. This is because there are confusing signs.

However, we did meet up just before cycling to Hurworth Burn. So from here is a repeat of our trip up to this area when guiding cycle tourists a couple of weeks ago.

So to sum up I cycled approximately 171 miles with 9454ft of climbing in my 5 day tour. Am I pleased with that? VERY PLEASED.


  1. Hi,Brenda!lovely to see the photo’s of where you had been cycling.You must have lots of stamina to ride all the routes that you decide to do.You are really AMAZING!

  2. hi Tina, I have stamina but not speed!!! hope you enjoy reading the whole tour. while it was tough it was exhilarating too

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