Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 4, 2016

My Solo Northumbrian Tour 2016 part 4

Sunday  31st July 2016

We were camped next to a couple of young Swiss cyclists who asked about cycling to Newcastle as they were getting the ferry back to Holland from there. I told them it shouldn’t be a problem as I cycled to Jarrow from the site last year and it was about 65 miles. They didn’t know if they could make it that far so we looked up where they could get a train from. They got up early and were on the road by about 6.00am so I hope they made it.

I had telephoned my cousin in North Shields and asked if I could stay the night. Lovely P,  his wife, said they would look forward to seeing me, so I was able to offload gear that I wouldn’t need into DS1’s car for him to take home.

We had a plan for the day as I wouldn’t be cycling all the way. Being Sunday, we wanted to attend church but I also wanted to ride. So we set off about 8.30am and drove along to near Low Hauxley .  Druridge Bay is one of my favourite parts of this route.


Entering the route near Low Hauxley.

It was a beautiful morning and lovely and sunny. I was thrilled to see these beautiful wild flowers carpeting the area. You could almost be in France except they aren’t sunflowers.



a tractor for a fishing boat

As you can see ,the  sea reflected the blue of the sky and it was so peaceful.


The far end of the bay in the distance.

As I rode along, I was going through a gate , when a cyclist I had met on Saturday came through behind me. DS1 had met him up at Durness in the far north west of Scotland and he has been cycling around the coast. He was looking forward to getting back to his home having been on the road for 68 days.  He had only had 14 days when he hadn’t been rained on.

We said goodbye at Cresswell and I  folded Speedy and got into the car. We went off to church in Ashington and it was lovely to see old friends that we have known in different parts of the country.

My son then took me to Blythe and we had lunch before I set off by bicycle and he drove home. The weather stayed fine and I just love this part of the route as it undulates through the dunes.


Seaton Sluice Harbour

It is only about 10 miles along to Tynemouth   but because it was such a nice day, I had to avoid many pedestrians. I could not understand why so many were oblivious to their surroundings as they walked with heads down looking at smart phones. Such a shame as it is so beautiful.


St Mary’s Lighthouse

and then Tyemouth Priory could be seen in the distance.



So just as I neared my cousin’s house , the rain began to spot and as I was so relieved to get inside before there was deluge. Although I didn’t ride all the way from Beadnall , I had a lovely day.



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