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My Solo Northumbrian Tour part 3

Saturday  30th July 2016

Apparently, it rained heavily through the night according to my neighbouring campers but I never heard a thing. When you have cycled nearly 40 miles the previous day and have a comfortable Exped downmat and good sleeping bag, you sleep like a top.

It was a beautiful sunny morning and there was a fair wind blowing so any moisture very soon dried off perfectly.  I had a lazy start at 9.00am as I knew it wasn’t going to be such a long day. Unfortunately , when I got back into Wooler, I followed route 68 – THE WRONG WAY – up a 10% hill !! it somehow felt wrong so I got the compass app up on my phone and was heading south west. Duh!!

So, it was turn around time. Back into Wooler and onto the B6348 towards Belford. I didn’t want to go to Chatton but the road I needed appeared closed. So nothing for it – CLIMB THAT HILL. So singing to myself, I made my way up, looking at the beautiful views. It was a beautiful day.



the long and winding road


I was encouraged up the hill by cyclists coming downhill and then I had my own swooping ride down into Chatton.


Once in Chatton , I realised that I was going to end up on the A1. Well that wasn’t going to happen. I looked at the map and saw I had 2 choices, one with another climb and the other more gentle. I talked to a local lady and she said the horrendous climb had super views. SO WHAT WAS I THINKING? AM I STUPID OR WHAT? I chose the steep hill with good views.


As I slogged my way up Lyham Hill, my DH phoned asking where  I was  .  He said, ” you sound out of breath.”  Me – “get off the phone, I am going up hill.” I was so relieved to get to the top and onto the undulating Lyham moor and Belford moor with a wonderful run down into the village.


first view of the North Sea

Once in Belford I met up with my son who took my trailer off me to transport down to the campsite at Beadnall. He also told me he was cooking dinner for me later. I met a couple and their 2 children who are cycling from Morocco to Aberdeen, on 2 tandems. They write a blog called Popping the Bubble if you want more information. I also met up with a couple of lads who turned out to live local to me and we knew some of the same people. It turns out that they were cycling from a rugby club in Edinburgh to Hartlepool Rugby club. So when they met up with the bunch, I had a photo taken with them.


Hartlepool Rugby Lads

I set off but soon stopped at Warren Mill to chat to a chap , back packing who was interested in where I was going on my own. When I told him of my trip, he said he may try cycling.

I then went on down into Bamburgh .


Bamburgh Castle

I visited the Grace Darling Museum. When I was a child my great Grandfather used to tell me about her heroism in rowing out with her father to rescue people from a ship that had run aground and broken up on the rocks. She was awarded a silver medal for this and became a Victorian heroine but died aged 26.  She is buried in this churchyard.


St Aidan’s church, Bamburgh.


It was much lighter riding along to Beadnall and when I got to that first hill without the trailer I laughed out loud as I zoomed up the hill. OK I wasn’t long or very steep but I didn’t have to walk.


We got camped at the  Camping and Caravanning club site at Beadnall and true to his word DS1 made my evening meal. The wind got up through the night and I put on my home made pertex hat that is at least 25 years old.







  1. A good round of singing can take you for miles 🙂
    Just checked out Popping the Bubble – looks like a good blog to follow, thanks!

    (Larger photos not showing on my screen Brenda..??)

  2. sorry you cant see the photos Gail. That sometimes happens to me but if I reboot the computer is sorts it out. Just a suggestion. Wonder if it will work for you.

  3. Sounds wonderful, Brenda. And you’re braver than me, travelling on your own! Are you going to follow the Coast and Castles route, or is it all ‘Brenda’s Bike Route’?

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