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Post Tour Riding

On our return , we had a family funeral to attend and it was good to see both my brothers. One of  SIL’s had seen this on the internet and bought it for me as a gift as she thought I deserved it after all the rain.20160701_164325198_iOS So often, after our summer trips, I don’t ride for a few weeks but not this time. I haven’t ridden everyday , but nearly. In the two and a bit weeks I have managed 170 miles which I am very pleased with.

My lovely cycling friend C , has a field and wood just outside of Yarm and she decided to have a summer festival. It was such a shame that the weather wasn’t too good, but we all enjoyed ourselves. All morning, it rained heavily and we had a job to do  but by the afternoon, we decided we had to make the effort to go. So we were going to use folding bikes and drive part way , but when we were ready , the sun came out briefly and we cycled all the way.

C had borrowed a “smoothie” bike and children used it and played with play  bows and arrows and ran about in the woods having a wonderful time .

Later in the day they had a bonfire and fireworks but we couldn’t stay for that part but there was  dancing in the rain too.


The rest of last week, I got out  and was surprised to see so may daisies growing  along the beck side.


 When we rode through Albert Park, we saw the swan still sitting  on her nest and I remarked to DH, that I wondered how long it would be before she abandoned it as the egg must have been infertile. Sad to say, the very next day , she left the nest and her single egg. Such a shame the her other eggs were stolen early in the spring.


The weather started to improve  steadily as the week progressed but there were heavy down pours of rain but today dawned fair with no prospect of rain in the forecast. Yiphee!!!

So , up early and made food to take with us and we were off. Wind was from the west so that was the direction of initial travel. So we headed across to Darlington and then stopped to eat breakfast in the sunshine in the village of Cleasby.

IMG_20160716_100728 [314712]

 We  were surprised to see so many club riders out and about and I was thrilled to see some youngsters being encouraged by hard riding roadies.

We climbed up to Manfield and then to Eppleby before riding through Hutton Magna and on to Whorlton. The road descends to the river Tees and I stopped to take a few photos of the place where we used to take the children to play in the river.

I was delighted in myself , as I rode up the twisting climb into the village and then up  the hill to cross the A67 and down to Little Newsham and up through South Cleatlam. I was most surprised to see a lama in a field here but I couldn’t get a photo of it. I was too busy getting up the hill!!

Then we rode on to Staindrop which has so many benches to choose from and we sat here to have lunch. I noticed a couple of folding bikes that appeared to be loaded for touring, so being the nosey, well OK, inquisitive person I am, we went to chat with them. They are R and H who have come from the USA to cycle here. Unfortunately, they have pre-booked accommodation and believing England to be flat  are cycling to Barnard Castle, Asygarth, Ripon , Goathland, Guisbrough and then up to Durham. We talked about routes and gave them advice as most of the roads they have chosen initially were major A roads including the A19 which is now banned to cyclists. So we have given them our phone number and instructions to ring us when nearing Middlesbrough so we can help them through.


We returned to Darlington via Langton and Summerhouse and I called in to the fabric shop in the indoor market. I had to get a couple of metres as I am trying to keep her in business heehee! Then it was the ride back home. I had hoped to get the full route on Viewranger app but I ran out of power. Still I will insert what I have so you get the general route. We actually rode 65 miles today so I feel good, if a little tired.



  1. It must have been good to cycle in some sunshine. Well done for helping the visitors.

  2. I think one of the best things about cycling is the people you meet! Nice that you were able to offer your advice to this couple.

    • Thanks for commenting Lizzie. We have been helped by so many people- road Angels – over the years that we like to do the same.

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