Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 14, 2016

Summer Tour 2016 Home

We had a very comfortable night in the trekker hut and we left the site and headed into Brielle  to buy some lunch.

We then headed over to Oostervoorne and had a lovely ice cream as there was warm sunshine. This is one of my favourite photos. \just look at those ice creams. Yummy.


Then we took a leisurely ride across to the port in time to check in for the P&O Pride of Hull ferry back to the UK. We met an older Dutch chap who was also riding a Koga Randonneur, with another type of handlebars, who was going to ride down through the UK calling in to Cambridge before going to one of the channel ports and then riding back to Holland.

On the ferry back , we were again treated with great by staff, DH being recognised by one of the restaurant staff and I was immediately whisked in past another long queue. Really great service.

On  checking the weather forecast, DH persuaded me to phone our son who came down to Hull and picked up me , my bike and all the luggage. DH said he would ride home. Well that was his plan. However, in teeming rain  and having no map  ( or his navigator – ME)  he missed a turning and phoned home at 5.30pm asking for a lift.


He found himself near Helmsley and  after starting to have gear slippage climbing steep hills, he decided it wasn’t a good idea. So I went and picked him up.

My mileage was just short of 700 miles and DH was just over 800 miles for the trip. I am well pleased  with  this . Despite all the wet weather, we had a great time and  laughed  a lot of the time. Enjoying the journey is what this life  is all about .



  1. You’ve certainly got some stamina. well done on the mileage.

    • thanks Ilona – I am hoping for another short solo cycling break

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