Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 13, 2016

Summer Tour 2016

Monday 27th June 2016

Despite a lovely sunny Sunday, Monday dawned  cool and cloudy with some drizzle but by luck , we managed to get the tent backed away almost dry The other Koga rider was also packing up to head north. He was out for 2 weeks of riding.

The first RET ferry was at 9.00am and we left the site at 8.40am and peddled hard in case we missed the ferry but we didn’t. It was windy and wind socks were blowing horizontal.

As we walked down the gangway, the crew were smoking in the shelter. It was a real pity that this blew into my face resulting in a loss of my voice. They thought I was ill but my Dutch friend here in the UK had kindly written a note of explanation for me. I showed it to them and they were horrified that they had caused it. They were really lovely to us. We appeared to be the only passengers . There was one other but he was in the inside area. We stayed outside that. After the first stop , 2 other cyclists got on but weren’t friendly – they were obvious roadies.                                                                        IMG_0167

The ferry slowed at the sandbanks and we saw 2 seals.


When we got off the ferry, we saw lots of seabirds nesting in the same place as we had seen them last year, near the oil refinery. It never fails to amaze me  just how much nature can exist alongside  big industrial complexes.


We went along to the P&O  office and managed to get our passage brought forward as we needed to get home for a family funeral. They very kindly rearranged our tickets so we could get home a day early and get to the funeral. So in the rain, we peddled into Brielle and I bought a new bell for my bike as my air horn had broken and DH couldn’t  repair it.

We then cycled to the  campsite just outside of Brielle. We were also really lucky to be able to hire the only trekker hut.

This meant we didn’t have to unpack and pitch the tent in the rain and was very  comfortable . It cost 35 euros and that included the cost gas and an electric heater so we could get clothes dry.

26 miles




  1. That hut looked like a good bargain.

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