Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 13, 2016

Summer Tour 2016 Zoetmeer to Hook of Holland

We attended church with our hosts and family but only stayed for sacrament meeting. There was also a visiting American chap and so P translated for the first part and then another chap took over for the rest of the meeting. I very much enjoyed being a part of our church family in another country.

It was lovely and warm and sunny as we set off cycling once again on LF4 through the Hague and into Scheveningen  where we picked up LF1. We had a bit of a climb up to the old harbour area and sat to have our late lunch.

Setting off again, we were in dunes again and passed through  small village called Monster!!!. Very soon we were at the Hook of Holland  but unfortunately we were too late for the small RET ferry that goes across to Europort.

Nothing for it, turn around and find a campsite. There is a site about a mile outside the town. It has lots of static caravans and when we were pitching the tent, it was a bit noisy but the music soon stopped. Another cycle tourist came in and he also rode a Koga Randonneur. I asked when he had bought it  as the handle bar set uo was different to ours. He wasn’t sure of its age as he got it second hand  .

31 miles cycled.



  1. I am glad that you got some decent weather

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