Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 10, 2016

Summer Tour 2016- A rest day at last

Well we didn’t get out of bed until 8.00am – wow. Our hosts tend to sleep later and so we didn’t want to disturb them while they caught up on sleep. It also gave me a chance to do our washing.

We  decided to head off to see a few places in Zoetermeer and we cycled past the chapel and go down to see the temple. It is called the Hague temple but as it is in Zoetermeer, that’s what the locals prefer  to call it.



It was cool with a few drops of rain, but it was nice to see the temple. It  has new landscaping being installed  so it isnt looking at its best but it is special to us.

On our return journey  we called into a cycle shop and I bought new elastics for my rear carrier as the old one is becoming perished after about 5 years in all weathers. Continuing on we cycled to Benthuizen to visit an old windmill. It was built in 1793 and has been maintained with the original wooden internal cogs etc. Nowadays, volunteers keep it working and grinding grain into flour which is sold to the public. There is also a confectionary  shop selling traditional  sweets. I bought some liquorice called drop in the Netherlands . Everyone, including me loves the stuff and so I couldn’t resist  buying some – and eating it all. We also went to the little café and  had hot chocolate and biscuits.



Then it was back  to the washing to get it dried. Our hosts and their teenage children were in a ballroom dancing event  so we went off to have dinner in an Asian restaurant. It was really nice but pricey. Still we hadn’t been extravagant all tour.

15 miles




  1. Oh Brenda you’re making my mouth water – I love licorice! The old windmill sounds interesting. I love your photos.

    • its available in sweet and salty and hard and soft- every variety you can imagine. My favourite too

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