Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 7, 2016

Summer Tour 2016 Doorwerth to Bunnik

When we woke , there was a lot of mist hanging in the air and I sponged off the tent. We were packed and on the road by 8.30am. I was ready for a rest day, but instead of a day off cycling , DH said he would pull the trailer all day. Well, I am pleased I agreed because he didn’t know there would be quite a few hills. heehee!

Actually, some were unnecessary as when we left the campsite, we turned the wrong way and ended up climbing through woodland before the track looped around and we ended up back at the campsite.  We saw signs to Renkum and followed those along with communter traffic until we found the long distance LF4b  signs  climbing  by Wageningen.  The route skirted around Rhenan and we thought we had avoided a big hill. but we hadn’t. We rode through some beautiful open  countryside before climbing through woodland on good tracks and then back to the Neder Rijn  for a while.  Then we continued along to Elst. As we passed through countryside we saw storks nesting on poles. I have seen similar things in Poland.


It was strange  but when we got to Rhenen , I recognised exactly where we were and remembered the church even though it now had scaffolding around it. The water levels were really high on the Rhine and the seat where we sat last year was almost in the water. Apparently , the flooding was all coming down from the previous flooding in France. My cycle computer had stopped working so I cant be sure of the mileage when we stopped for second breakfast but it was in lovely warm sunshine.

We continued on through Amerongen and Leersum but it wasn’t until we got to Zeist where we found a park with a lovely fountain and had lunch there.


It was very hot by now and we were told that the forecast was for thunderstorms. A few spots of rain did fall so we decided to head for Bunnik on the outskirts of Utrecht. There was a site shown on the SVR map so I telephoned them. They told me that this site was no longer with their organistation but gave me the name of it.  I think it is because is too  the site has been extended and is too big for SVR.

Once we had pitched , we rode off to Odijk and bought a no cook salad for tea. Still it was blazing hot and we used the umbrella to keep off the sun!!

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