Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 5, 2016

Summer Tour 2016 Velden to Gennep

Monday 2oth June 2016

A relatively day pack was had in early sunshine , but it didn’t last and was replaced  by dreary grey clouds. Still, undeterred we followed LF3  along the river Maas but it got damper and damper until we stopped to try to buy some bread in a village. Unfortunately , as it was Monday , the baker was closed and with each successive village , every baker had the closed sign up. Still we found a Sp@r shop in one of the small places and got bread and delicious fruit bread.

I had left DH outside looking after the cycles and when I came out , it was straight on with the waterproofs. It stayed like that with the wet stuff coming down in torrents and after 20 miles we came  across a bench in the middle of nowhere and sat there to eat. The rain had become gentler for a short while.

The route involved a ferry crossing  and we went across with cars and lorries. The next ferry crossing further down river, was closed due to high water levels and it was a much smaller ferry. We talked to a lady on a campsite and she directed us to a bridge further down stream. We checked the map and saw that there were another 2 crossings  which we avoided by making a detour. Once in Bergen, we rejoined the route and although it was a little drier , we took the lady’s advice as she said the weather forecast for later in the day was really poor. We found Camping de Bloksberg  just outside Geldere and got the tent up very quickly.  We also rigged up a groundsheet over the fishing umbrella, so I could cook in comfort. The rain then started pouring down with thunder and lightening, so we had a nap!!

When  woke up , I started cooking and we saw a couple return to a campervan. They had been out for the day and the lady was so soaked you could see her underwear beneath her trousers. Poor soul.


34 miles



  1. I might have gone home by now!

    • Sometimes I do wonder at my own sanity heehee

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