Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 4, 2016

Summer Tour 2016 Mierlo to near Velden

Sunday  19th June   day 9

After a rainy night, dawn brought cool , dry conditions but we did get a mostly dry pack up and left about 9.00am It was cool enough to require long sleeved tops and we followed LF7a through Strabrichtsheide. This is an area of  heathland and for those who have been to Rannoch moor in Scotland, it is very reminiscent of that type of heathland. The track was sandy and muddy and a bit hard going at times. DH offered  to pull it but I refused. He said he wouldn’t offer again and I would have to ask!!

We followed the route point 97 and then headed east to Asten.  A very useful app  on my phone, is a compass and this was very useful  when we needed help in finding our way. We needed it as the knoorpunct numbers didn’t correspond with  our maps book. Apparently, the volunteers who help with the signage are really keen on adding new ones and the books don’t keep up sometimes.

I was getting tired and requested a breakfast stop after 17.5 miles and said the next bench we came to. Another chap beat us to it, so I asked if he would mind us sharing.  He was delighted to chat and he had cycled to Italy and was training for a one day 250Km  event. There were hoards of club riders belting along the tracks at high speeds  and we were glad to turn off the main road routes and on to a quite track . This zig zagged along eastwards  through Konningslust and Maasbree.  I joked that now we were though Bree we were out of the Shire ( Lord of the Rings fans).

We had a late lunch not too far from Venlo. By now the sun was shining brightly and we neared the river Maas. I was watching the river and was concerned that we should have been going down river but we weren’t.  We realised we had missed a turning , so retraced our steps. We passed a field full of cows that appeared to be Belted Galloways but I think they call them  a different name.

We crossed the bridge into Venlo  but the centre was  crowded and I had a bit of difficulty due to cigarette smoke and perfume so we got through as quickly as possible. It was nice cycling along the river  but we couldn’t find the campsite. Along came road angel number 2 , a lady of our age who said she would take us. We were passed by 2 lady cycle tourers and we actually met them at the campsite. They had gone the long way around through Velden. They were sisters and had cycle camped from Rozendaal.

Camping Hovershof was an old farm that had some wonderful restoration and rebuilding by the man who had inherited it from his father. It was really lovely. There we small goats wandering around but didn’t come anywhere near us.

47 miles


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