Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 3, 2016

Summer Tour 2016 Alphen to Mierlo

Saturday 18th June 2016

Well we had a dry pack in early sunshine  but unfortunately it didn’t last. We called into  a supermarket in Alphen to stock up for two days as we prefer not to shop on a Sunday. So we got away about 9.15am

Jozef had waited outside the supermarket and had got quite warm but as soon as we started riding in bare arms it became apparent it was much colder than we realised. We continued on route LF13a and went from good roads onto sandy forest tracks. It wasn’t easy as this was pitted with potholes and made pulling the trailer more  fatiguing. Even though it was only a couple of miles it seemed more.

We passed through Hilvarenbeek and into Diessen and came across a L!dl but it could have been in  Oirschot.Not wanting to pass it by, I bought even more food.  There was a youth football tournament being played in the town square so we passed through before stopping for 2nd breakfast. LF13a  was followed until the suburbs of Eindhoven where we transferred onto LF7a on the northern edge of the city. We got a thorough soaking here  as the heavens opened but at least the route was easy to follow along the canal which had been newly resurfaced.

By now with was after 3.00pm so we stopped near a little wayside chapel/shrine. This had been built to honour the memory of 2 Dutch people who had been killed in the far East during WW2, There are many of these little chapels dotted about the road sides in the East of the country particularly and I believe it is dominated by the Catholic religion around here. I may be wrong though. Just my impression.

Not too long after, more very heavy showers helped us decide to find the campsite at Mierlo. The campsite, De Sprink, is directly on route LF7a so was very convenient. There was also an advertising sign saying  ” Ice Cream makes you happy”.



Because of all the rain, you would think it wasn’t a good trip but we laughed all the time at stupid little things like this example. We had 2 biscuits each and DH thought I had distracted him and  pinched his last bit but actually he didn’t remember finishing it up teehee!! Old age getting the better of us.

42 miles



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