Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 2, 2016

Summer Tour 2016 Nispen to Alphen

We had rain throughout the night leading to a wet pack up. As we were doing so a fellow camper came to look at our tent as he and his wife are about our age and they had just bought a tent with inflatable “poles”. I had told his wife , our tent was made by us  ( DH doing the technical pattern stuff and me doing the sewing) and he was most impressed . This delayed us a bit but we were on the road by 9.00am, heading up to Nispen where we reconnected with LF13a long distance route.



There were a number of cycling school groups  with about 20 children to 2 teachers. We “leap-frogged” them as we cycled through the wooded heathland of Oude Buissche Heide and on up to Rijsbergen and then crossed a motorway via a bridge.

We stopped just outside Rijsbergen near a small river, the Aa of Weerijs as the rain had abated for a short while.

This was a good time to eat 2nd breakfast and then we carried on going under a motorway before entering another forested area, the Mastbosch. The paths weren’t as good here  but the sun had made an appearance making it  feel better as we neared Ulvenhout.

I began to feel a bit tired pulling the trailer on a very uneven surface and DH took it for me  as well as his own load of panniers.  Cloud was rapidly building as we entered Alphen. We could hear thunder rumbling so decided to cut the day short. We called into a butcher and bought some lamb chops and some salads to have for tea. He very kindly told us of a small campsite, our preferred type, on the outskirts of the small town. We did have a bit of trouble finding De Klaverweide and ended up on a road we should not have been on.  There was a sign, a red circle around a  bicycle, a moped and a tractor , but as it didn’t have the familiar British red line  across, we thought it was permissible. You live and learn. We went across a wide grassed verge to get off that road and were glad to be off it.

De Klaverweide was a beautiful small SVR site, that had a very helpful lady  who gave us a map of all the SVR sites.

38 miles



  1. Foreign road signs are not always easy to decipher. It took us ages to work out that cyclists were allowed to cycle the wrong way up one way streets.

    • so true. I used a translation app on one of them that appeared to be a no though road – except for cyclists. the wonders of technology when words were on the sign.

  2. I’m so impressed you made your own tent! And a tent with inflatable poles – what next?

    • mine doesn’t have inflatable poles. they were very popular in around the 1960’s but then didn’t last. new technology seems to have brought them to the fore again. I believe they are made by a firm called Karsten but I am probably wrong. You need a pump or more often a small electic compressor to put them up. Not suitable for cycle camping.

      • I’ve never heard of them. But then I’m not up with camping gear.

      • I have as much interest in camping stuff as you have in gardening . teehee

  3. I’m impressed with you making your own tent Brenda. It looks great!
    Enjoying catching up on your posts. Your summer tour looks fantastic.

  4. Thanks Gail. More to come when I get the time. We had a great time

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