Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 1, 2016

Summer Tour 2016 Nieuwdorp to Near Essen Belgium

We had a beautiful start to the day and for a change Jozef slept on so we didn’t actually leave the site until 8.00am. It was warm and dry and a lovely dry pack.

We started out riding through the Nieuwdorp  and then following LF12  on mainly small roads , we wound our way through fields of produce. You could smell onions and beetroot in the air. There were also forested areas as we passed through s-Gravenpolder then then down to the coast again. We also passed by Hansweert and had our 2nd breakfast sitting in the sunshine.


Continuing on, we had to cross a very large lock full of huge container ships and barges and then in Beverland , we saw many areas of fruit growing trees.

We then rode along a coastal track of Nauw van Bath and we could see many cooling towers and flare stacks in the distance, just like back in the Boro. Turning slightly inland we could see an area of reeds and grass that at first we thought was an algae covered canal.

The land then started to become a little hillier and in Woensdrecht there was a hill!!  It even had a sign to say it was 5%. We climbed up and sat at a picnic table, with geese squarking away at us, and had lunch before returning downhill to follow the route.


This took is near Bergen op Zoom which has a large forested area and was full of holiday makers and school groups. It appears to be very common for schools to take there pupils off to enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather. We were looking for a supermarket in Wouwse Plantage but no luck so we continued on to campsite between Essen in Belgium and Nispen.

I just want to show you a few photos o the place. It was a bit alternative but really nice.

We were advised to go into Essen as it is nearer an had an A!di with different colour branding to Holland or Germany. We got what we needed and spoke to a lady . When I mentioned the site being a bit hippyish she knew exactly what I meant.  She also told us that the point to point cycling system started in Belgium and was an extension of what the Belgian miners used to use to find their way about underground. We did get lost on the way back resulting in a mileage of 57 miles.



  1. What a marvellous ride Brenda. Not a shabby distance either : )

    • thanks Robyn. I have more to write up in the coming days. we had a great time despite some rough weather.

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