Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 30, 2016

Summer Tour 2016 Renesse to Nieuwdorp

We had another early start and after a spattering of rain on the tent at dawn, it didn’t amount to much and we had a warm but cloudy day. The sun was red on the clouds so we got packed as quickly as possible and then tent was almost completely dry, which is always a bonus.

We left Renesse about 7.15am and took the path into the dunes. It wasn’t easy riding on the shell gravel surface and both of us almost came off , once or twice.  Imagine our surprise to be confronted by this sign.


We could also see the hill , so DH offered to pull my trailer. It was only after he had cycled up the hill we realised , we were being told not to ride up it. Well , you live and learn. He offered to pull the trailer as I kept saying it didn’t make much difference and he agrees- but it does just a little going uphill on one as steep as this.  So tell me why people keep saying Holland is flat?

There was a lovely run down the other side into Haamstede with its well tended gardens with trees planted to give shade from the sun. What becomes most obvious though is the lack of litter from bottles , cans and plastic waste.

Carrying on we got to Westenschouwen and then across another storm surge barrier that is being repaired . There is an island in the middle and as we had cycled 16 tiring miles, we stopped outside a closed café and used there picnic table. A man came to open up as we sat there but didn’t mind us being there. As we sat in the sunshine, we saw a few groups of cyclists who had to wait while a boat passed through the barrier. Setting off across the bridge, we again had the wind head on, but it wasn’t as strong as previously.


In Noord Beverland, the route direction changed making riding a little easier but it was still through dunes and wooded areas on a variety of surfaces.

Domburg was very busy with holiday makers and we rode along a lovely coastal path . Once in Westkapelle, the route direction changed yet again, passing this lighthouse.


We carried on down to Zoutelande where I went into a supermarket and bought Pangafilet, a fish unfamiliar to me, which I pan fried on the stove and had with broccoli and potatoes later in the evening.

We decided to head inland to get the wind on our backs making riding easier, and headed for Middleburg. This was the name of the hamlet that our town was founded on so we had to have  look but first we stopped in Biggekerk , near a large church to have lunch.  In Middleburg , we sought out LF13a which we found fairly easily and continued to ride east.  As we neared Nieuwdorp , we began looking for a campsite and found a mini camping called Buitenhof which is on a farm. It cost 8E for the night and 5E to wash and dry out clothes including detergent. As we were pitching our tent, the lady who was of our generation , brought us hot water  to make a drink. Such kindness is very heartening . There was also a large barn with kitchen facilities and a table tennis table complete with bats and balls. So even after a day of riding , we had the energy to “play” pingpong.

50 miles



  1. I used to take my truck across to Europoort, but you’ve lost me now with the other place names.

    • I told Jozef that you used to take large lorries over there. The route we took was travelling along the south west coast and then inland along the Belgian border.

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