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Summer Tour 2016 Day 3 Riccall to Hull

Day 2 was spent as a rest day  because we wanted to attend church in Selby where we know people from years ago and we were able to spend some time with Peggy and Rod as South Newlands Farm.

So come 5.00am, DH  was up with the larks. He really is an early morning person and so we were packed up and off. It was 7.00am and the weather was about 14C and overcast but at least it was dry. As we rode into Selby, we chose to keep on the main road into the town rather than follow the cycle route , as it was a bit mucky in places. Just before the river crossing, the TransPennine Trail takes you left along a rough track before you hit the first obstacle , a really difficulty restrictor.

Two local ladies came along after we had got my bike and trailer across and under it and the older of the ladies helped jozef lift his bike across rather than unloading it. These were our first road angels of the trip. The track then becomes as concrete farm road along a raised levy but it has potholes  and was over grown with vegetation and I was soon stung by nettles. The good thing about cycling is that nettle stings die down very quickly as you keep on moving vigorously.

Unfortunately , after this the track gets worse. It is across a field and is just over a wheel width wide in places. Well, if you have a fatbike with 4inch tyres you would really enjoy this bit. I have to say that my trailer followed brilliantly. Well done Radical Design Trailers, you have made a great trailer. This track continues for quite a few miles  before arriving at the sluice gate which you cross.  Relief comes as the road is reached again and the villages of Hemmingborough and Barmby on the Marsh are  reached.  Then on a very minor road, you twist and turn your way through Yokefleet and into Blacktoft. Both of these villages are at least 1000 years old being established as bases by Viking overlords. There has also been Roman pottery finds in the local saltmarshes  so people have been in this area for many centuries.

We stopped in the old school house in Blacktoft which is left open for use by cyclists and walkers. This provides toilet facilities and also a kettle and facilities for drink making. The donations that people leave help keep this going, so donate generously. We had completed 21 miles so it was a great place for 2nd breakfast.  We were very surprised when we left the building, as it had rained and was still a bit mizzly. We put on our pertex tops that I made about 20 years ago but they are still usable. However, within a short time , the sun was out we needed to take them off again.

Near Broomfleet is another lock with a very friendly black Labrador dog. We could see the Humber bridge  from here. Carrying on , the way turns onto another farm track and then soon climbs up to Elleker, Walton and Brantingham. The road crosses the motorway about 3 times, each time climbing higher into the hills and I am so pleased that my daily riding has paid dividends , as I managed each climb. woohoo!!


Finally at North Cave, there is a pedestrian/cycle bridge across the whizzing traffic lanes of the A63 and we were soon along into Hessle and passed the Humber bridge. The road into Kingston upon Hull, to give its full name, has many cycle lanes marked but nearly all had cars parked in them, even on a dual carriageway section. When we got into the centre of Hull, it was all being altered and was dug up throughout. So in order to follow the TPT , we got off and walked through the crowds.  Next year, 2017, Hull will  be a City of Culture and as one wag remarked  but culturing what? By the amount of rubbish  we saw lying around, probably some nasty little beasties!!

There has been a new  cycleway, that we didn’t see last year, put in going to the docks. When they have finished all the work going on at Alexander dock, it will be very pleasant along there. We arrived at George dock early and lunch that we bought in L!dl at Hull where the TPT passes right by it.

We passed this piece of artwork/poem on the way to the docks and I wonder if it is by the same poet who wrote the one in Stockton on Tees.


Waiting in the queue  rain began teeming down. Up went our newly purchased fishing umbrella. The very kind gatekeeper got us on to the ferry ahead of all the cars. Thank you kind sir.

46 miles today.



  1. I know exactly where you have been. I’m not a big fan of Hull, good museums and the walk along the waters edge to Paull is interesting, that’s about it.

  2. thanks Ilona. glad you have read my post. I will add more as I can. we had a great time despite mixed weather

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