Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 11, 2016

Summer tour day 1 The Boro to Riccall

Sorry I haven’t posted last week, truth be told I didn’t do too much cycling as I was testing my knee as I knew we had the holiday coming up.

So at 4.30 am, yes you read that correctly, DH says shall we get up to go. What could I say but ok. Most things were packed but there were a few last minute things to put in. We were away by 6.00am and followed our usual route through Preston Park. DH suddenly says ” I forgot my wallet .” We phoned home and DS1 brought it over to Yarm. He had also told us of a yellow warning for heavy rain.  Well, all I can say is we were very lucky as all we had was a little fine mizzle at the start of the day and again while we pitched the  tent.

By 50 miles we were in Linton on Ouse and called on my friend M who gave us a lovely pint glass of orange juice. Bless her. She warned us of a kayak event on the Ouse but by the time we got to the Millenium bridge it had finished. 

At the Knavesmire there was a meet on and we got to see some horses racing. While we waited I chatted to a young lady who acts as a steward keeping the track clear of cyclists. There is always an ambulance drives behind the tace in case a jockey is injured and the race track also has two equine ambulances. You live and learn.

When we got to Peggy and Rod’s at 4.00pm (South Newlands Farm) there was a party going on. It was a   Chilli party and we were invited can to join in. They are raising money for a defibrillator in the village. So we pitched the tent and ate our fill contributing to the £153 that was raised from the campers. By 7.00pm Jozef had a hard time staying awake . Here is my bottle from this years cycle touring festival.

So my sleepy head is snoring gently after cycling 74 miles.


  1. A well earned rest.

  2. !What an adventure

  3. I have a funny feeling the sleepy head is on your DH, not you! Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  4. Oh my, that’s a long way.

    • We will be in Hull tomorrow for the ferry to Holland

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