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65th Birthday


DH turned 65 this week, so we are the same age again.

The weather has been a bit more spring like and so it has been very pleasant to ride and listen to all the birds singing , wild flowers blooming in profusion and new life coming forth.HP15 - photo 1 - Copy (14)

We saw our first goslings this  week and the swan is still sitting her nest with her mate keeping her company. The early mornings gave me opportunity to rack up 62 miles by Thursday.

DH turned 65 on Friday and he decided last year, that this year he wouldn’t go off on his own, but we would have a ride out together. As you may be aware, this hasn’t been the best of years for camping so we decided that we would stay bed and breakfast and so we could still get a long ride in – long for me that is. We kept checking the weather forecast and I got agreement to drive down to Riccall , if the weather was bad. Well there was no forecast for rain although it was chilly at 10C and a northerly wind blowing at about 18mph. Well that wasn’t too bad travelling down with  mainly a tailwind. Unfortunately, most of  the day was cloudy but oilseed rape still blooming a brilliant yellow so as you ride by, its a bit brighter.

HP15 - photo 4 - Copy (3)

So this ride followed our usual route down through Yarm, Appleton Wiske and Northallerton. Then we get onto the A167 and ride to Topcliffe. Although  this a main road, it is not too busy as it is a north/south route and the A1 offers an alternative not too far away for faster traffic. Topcliffe has had an addition to its name sign proclaiming it to be a Magna Carta village. We actually rode on into the little village of Asenby  where we stopped in the bus shelter ( out of the wind) and ate 2nd breakfast. On this sort of trip, we carry granola, fruit and yogurt premixed in clip locked boxes. It ends up as  sort of porridge and is very nourishing.

Sustained again, we passed over the A1 and had the gentle -ish  climb up to Cundall. From here, the route undulates down to Helperby Brafferton but we turned left instead of right and ended up at Easingwold making  a “detour” before riding through Alne and Aldwick to Linton on Ouse. I particularly wanted to call to see my friend M as her beloved dog  passed away a week ago. She is a professional dog walker , so was out  with her charges so we phoned and went down to Linton Locks to see if we could find her.

HP15 - photo 2 - Copy (14)

We have kayaked down this area many times and were surprised to see an Archimedes screw has been installed on the far left of the photo. Sorry I didn’t get it all in.

Looking down river, cows were down at the water and the spire of the church in Newton on Ouse can be seen.

HP15 - photo 3 - Copy (7)

After a short drink stop, thanks for the juice M, we carried on down through the grounds of Beningborough Hall and along the repaired path into York.  We sat in Rowntree park and had another meal before continuing on the path down towards Selby. There was a race meeting on the Knavemire but it didn’t stop us crossing. We didn’t see any horses running though.

Its about 10 miles from York down to Riccall so we arrived at South Newlands Farm just after 5.00 pm. Peggy was very surprised to see that we had actually cycled and it was 80 miles. I was tired but fine. This should be the track details.

After a shower and quick change , we cycled into the village and went for a lovely dinner at Per Bacco  an Italian restaurant . The fresh tuna was delicious.

There was a lovely Canadian couple staying at South Newlands Farm and we spent a delightful evening talking about places to visit in the UK. They are hoping to walk some of Hadrian’s Wall but are a bit concerned if the weather deteriorates .

Peggy was kind enough to provide an early breakfast – well 7.30am. That is early for a B and B but those who know us, realise that is late for DH heehee!

Fortunately the weather was much better although the wind was just as strong. Oh well, nothing for it but to set off. Basically we followed the same route up to Linton on Ouse and then through Aldwark and on through Flawith to Helperby. There have been numerous road closures for repair work. Each time , I asked very politely , if we could pass though and each time  my request was granted with the proviso that we walk if asked. No problem and we didn’t have to walk. Once in Helperby , we realised which way we need to turn next time and we sat on a  convenient seat and ate a late lunch. Then it was up to Topcliffe  and on to the A167I have to say that this was a slog into the wind and I was glad for another rest in Northallerton.  It did cross my mind to jump on a train but I very quickly dismissed that idea as I wanted to get more that 200 miles for the week and I was only on 195. Am I barmy? Very likely teehee!

The final 23 miles were peddled in brilliant sunshine without a cloud in the sky – that pesky wind didn’t abate though. We were welcomed home to a lovely lamb dinner prepared and cooked by DS1 and I was so glad to have completed  154 miles in 2 days so the total for the week was 218.56 miles woohoo.  And I can still walk!!!


  1. Glad to hear the sunshine found you Brenda. This looks and reads like a good trip. Sounds like a lovely ride and birthday celebration. Congrats on the stats! 🙂

  2. Thanks Gail. I hope you are having sunshine if you are still in Norway.

    • It’s turned a little cloudy and cold Brenda. Over in Sweden this week. Rugging up 🙂

  3. hope it warms up for you. will you be staying in Scandinavia for a while\\

  4. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. Congratulations on the mileage.
    Your Viewranger Track links made it even more interesting.

  5. thanks Viv – I have only worked out how to post the link.

  6. Happy Birthday Joe. keep up the good work Brenda I enjoy your blog.

  7. thanks Jim, I didn’t know you read it and keep up with our adventures, so pleased to know that.

  8. A triumph.

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