Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 8, 2016

A little sunshine.

Well, the English  bank holiday was as expected – mostly wet. By Monday afternoon , the sun did make an appearance  so we headed into town. We discovered that there was still cycling racing going on around the town hall and so our usual way to the river was blocked. I tried taking photos but messed up and didn’t get any that I would post. Sorry.

Workwise, I have been busy and so the early morning rides were shorter than I would have liked. We got some cracking good days and I wasn’t able to take full advantage and get out there in the sunshine.  However on Friday afternoon when I finished work we cycled down into town. We saw a family cycling and I just knew they couldn’t be from the UK. We caught up  with them and found out that they are  cycling from Hull to  Newcastle over the course of a week. They were from Leiden.

HP15 - photo 2 - Copy (13)

I also noticed this mural that has been out up on the side of the Library.

HP15 - photo 1 - Copy (13)

Sorry , its not quite focused.  It is nice to see it though.

We decided that  on Saturday we would have long ride. What happened? more cloud and grey skies.

Still undeterred. Off we set. We had decided to go and check out the crossing of the A1 at Catterick so that when I cycle to the Cycle touring festival at Clitheroe I will find the way easily.

We followed our usual route through Yarm and up to Appleton Wiske before heading west though Hornby, Great Smeaton and on to Scorton.

This will give you an idea of the greyness of the sky but you can see the bright yellow contrast of the flowering oilseed rape.

It is a 26 miles ride to Scorton , and I have to say I was peddling well. DH said he thinks it was the best I have ever done. We stopped in the bus shelter there and had 2nd breakfast. We got talking to bus passengers , one of them a cyclist, and he told us that the route we intended to take across to Tunstall is blocked.  The extensive road works are playing havoc with safe cycle routes. We decided to head over to Richmond and we headed down into this lovely old town. We haven’t been this way for a while and discovered that the public toilets and tourist information place has been turned into a café. The only public toilets are in the indoor market at the far side of the market square. I don’t think I have ever seen so many cars queuing to get though the town. The road works  causing chaos? I don’t know but probable.

We actually walked back  up to the turning to  Gilling West as the traffic was so heavy. Once through the village , there is a climb up to the A66. Actually, I walked up it but was delighted to find that a proper cycle crossing has been installed to cross the dual carriageway. Once down in Melsonby , we turned left and headed on through Forcett to Eppleby. Here was had another bus stop meal break. Home made cheese topped bread  with chilli tuna – yummy.

Then we were off again , still peddling well, though Manfield and Cleasby and into Darlington. The route through the Whinnys nature reserve has dried out well and we called into A$da to buy a meal deal as I didn’t want to cook and DS1 wasn’t well so hadn’t made any for us .

We completed 67.5 miles on Saturday and that made 137.35 miles for the week.

I’m sharing my off road biking track with you. Total distance 67.85 miles





  1. My goodness Brenda, you certainly eat up the miles.

  2. I hope your multiple roadworks are finished pretty soon. It sounds as though you are surrounded.

    • its crossing the A1 safely that is the problem. From Scotch Corner down to Leeming Bar is being reconfigured and so its becoming a nightmare to cross as traffic is diverted. The trouble is it changes so often we don’t know what will be open and large vehicles are pushed onto very minor roads. I am looking at alternative ways without adding too many miles.

  3. Another interesting post, and I really appreciated seeing your route detail via your link.

    • we have just started using that system and I had to work out how to get the link attached. Glad it worked

  4. A good ride – great to see the stats and map too!

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