Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 24, 2016

Summer- came and went

Well this has been a bit of a warmer week and indeed we thought summer had arrived – for one day- then that was that.

We have had a good week cycling as the weather was mild and   not rainy as a contrast to the previous week.  We mainly rode the usual river circuit and so by Thursday morning , my mileage was over 40.  I am pleased to report that the swans have built another nest , next to the old one, and there is an egg in there that the  pen is sitting with the cob being next to her most of the time.

Due to circumstances in my work changing on Thursday morning, I was able to take advantage of the warmest day of the year. By 11.00am , we were off. By chance I had asked a blogging friend if she would like an old magazine I was disposing of- after about 25 or more years. She said yes , so we knew the direction of travel – Darlington. The lack of precipitation during the week meant we could use the route through The Whinnys nature area. The water levels in the ponds were still very high, so it must have been impassable earlier in the year.

We also met a group who I know from the CTC sat under the trees in Long Newton having cycled over from Great Ayton.

It was a  delight to cycle in my sandals with bare arms and shorts as we entered Darlington. I couldn’t resist a trip to the fabric shop and bought a couple of meters of jersey fabric before finding my way to the address.

My phone has a sat nav facility but I can never hear it. DS1 got me a wrist worn speaker at Li*l for the princely sum of £4.99 and it works a treat. I can see me using it in future.

As we returned I stopped to take a couple of photos as the fields are now full of sheep and lambs – so lovely to see them bouncing around playing together.

HP15 - photo 1 - Copy (12)

On our return journey , the cold north easterly wind started blowing and we had to stop and pull on our jerseys for warmth .

By Friday morning the temperature had dropped by 10C from 18Cto 8C and never got any warmer and there was a grass frost for the morning ride.

Saturday dawned sunny but chilly . Undeterred, off we set and cycled up around Hemlington lake following Sustrans route 65 at first then into Stokesley.

Next weekend will see the 2nd Tour de Yorkshire cycle race and on Sunday 1st May it will lave from our town and go up through Great Ayton and Stokesley, so everywhere is being decked out in blue and yellow for the occasion. I think every old bike that could be used has been painted  for decoration. Schools have been involved and I saw 5 being wheeled along into position.

Even private houses are getting into the spirit of the event.

TABLET - WIN_20160423_111950

In Great Ayton, I took a wrong turn and ended up seeing a small weir I have not seen before, so it was a nice detour.

As was getting much colder, we decided to ride straight home , going down through old Nunthorpe and Marton and arrived home by noon. In total this week I have cycled 131.25miles but DH topped that riding 148 miles. I just hope bad weather doesn’t scupper plans for next week.


  1. Excellent weekly total. The change in the weather has been hard to bear after such a promising warm day.

    • why cant we have summer now.

      • Good question. This week looks like a write off but there is some hope thereafter.

      • And snow curtailed my morning ride

  2. Great pictures Brenda. How nice it must be to enjoy better weather, still rather brisk by my standards though I think.

    • if we get to 20C we think its hot!! teehee!

      • It’s funny isn’t it? At 25 C I’m sitting here with lambskin boots and a windcheater on!

      • It’s what we get used to. Snow today curtailed my early morning ride

      • Brrrrr!

  3. We had a summer the Wednesday before last! Now the temp barely climbs above sigle figures so it’s back to 3 or 4 layers!

    Your mileage for the week is impressive and you saw some interesting sights. I knew about the tour de Yorkshire as I’d just been reading Jo’s Monday walk on
    around Great Ayrton.

    I hope it warms up a bit soon.

    • it makes me wonder if we will ever get a week of descent weather. it was a good week mileage wise last week but looks like this week will b a washout and my planned cycle camp might be postponed due to te forecast of gales rain and snow.

  4. Glad to know you got some sunshine Brenda and it was lovely to see the lambs. That must be delightful to ride by. The Tour de Yorkshire sounds exciting – it’ll be a lively weekend in town for sure.

  5. after last weeks sunshine, we now have bitterly cold weather and a bit of snow

    • Oh what a change! Rug up.

      • that’s the UK for you. wait 10 minutes and it changes.

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