Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 23, 2016

I like to ride my bicycle shirt

Well, this past week, as well as getting the miles in , I have been sewing myself a shirt. When I was up at the Quilt Exhibition in Edinburgh a couple of months back, I got  a couple of fat quarters  (18″x20″) of fabric. Now that’s not enough to make a shirt but a couple of weeks back , I saw some sale fabric at Empress Mills website. It was a good match and I also bought a metre of their Klona cotton.

So I set to, with a pattern I have used before, I started by cutting the yoke and collar and cuffs. I didn’t have quite enough , so pieced bits together and this is the result.

TABLET - WIN_20160423_155903

Now then, I had pieced the back and cut the pattern out. Then I discovered that there was a bit missing . Be creative girl. Its not the end of the world. So I came up with a solution with the small left over bits.

TABLET - WIN_20160423_155928

I cut out some of the hills fabric and appliqued it over the missing upside down Vshaped bit.  I also cut out some of the complete bicycle circles and appliqued those for balance .

If you notice some of the fabric has tents on it. So using my Janome  8200, I programmed in some words.

I think this sums it up. Its a bit of fun to wear, especially at the Cycle touring Festival which will be held in Clitheroe  at the end of May.


  1. One word – brilliant!

  2. Thank you. I have to say I am pleased with it.

  3. A glorious gallimaufry (though not at all confused).

    • Thank you TP – I had to get a definition of the word gallimaufry a I have never come across it previously.

      • One of my favourite words.

  4. Your talents endless! Not only a brilliant cycling blogger and patchworker, you are a skilled and inventive dressmaker. I love this blouse!

  5. Great stuff. Definitely for any cycling event. 🙂

  6. Very good! I like it! 😀

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