Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 19, 2016

Contrasting Weather

Well, it has been a week of every kind of weather being thrown at us. I haven’t let it stop me though. I kept singing “Don’t stop me now” over and over, driving myself mad – if I wasn’t already. One day after I had ridden in cold rain on my own, DH said that he is seriously beginning to question my sanity – teehee!

Monday was very foggy in the early hours and we cycled along the river getting very damp but by 9.30am , the sun came out and it was a beautiful day. However, I wasn’t able to enjoy it due to work commitments. Tuesday afternoon did see more sunshine so I was

able to get another river ride 1 - Copy (4)

You can see that the wind wasn’t too bad  by looking at the smoke coming out of the works chimneys.

Unfortunately, that was almost the last of the sunshine but it didn’t put me off and I have managed 100 miles this week.

Today, we cycled in much stronger NE winds with a bit of mizzle in the air and went across to the RSPB reserve at Saltholme. I wanted to take some more of the signage they use, so here they 1 - Copy (3) photo 2 - Copy (3)

Just love the humour in these.

Thanks for reading if you have been.



  1. The signs are very good. Do they work?

  2. I should have added congratulations on getting in the miles in unsympathetic weather.

  3. Like you Brenda I like off-beat humour in public places and have enjoyed many a chuckle while at Saltholme. I think my all time favourite was a sign up near Kendal which must have preserved many a harassed motorist from untold domestic misery it read:
    Last Eggs Before M6..

  4. Love those signs, and commend you on your cycling distances covered.
    I’d love nice level going like that – found it when visiting daughter now near Romsey. Here, we have steep hills and live on top of one. Hard work coming back home, particularly in the hot months.

  5. Great signs. And I love the blue sky in your first shot. Congratulations on the considerable distance covered

    • well here I have to take a blue sky when I see one. it hasn’t happened much over this past winter. Despite it all there are only 2 days when I haven’t cycled this year and even small distances build up.

  6. I think it’s always a healthy sign when people start to comment on your sanity 🙂 I had a bit of that during the year of my cycling experiment – all in jest of course – but it made me realise that I was doing something that was perhaps gently nudging the norms.

  7. I always said I anted to be an eccentric when I grow up – don’t know when that will be though teehee!

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