Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 6, 2016

This is Really Spring?


The 1st March is the meteorological start of spring but to be honest, its been worse than earlier in the year when it was winter. Fortunately, for us, it hasn’t been as bad as further south in Leeds and the Peak district. Those areas had a lot of snow and we had ice earlier in the week but  that turned mainly to wind and rain. Still, I wasn’t deterred and got out on the bike. I had a lot of work on so I haven’t been able to get a full day cycling in, so mileages were between 6 and 16 miles. This has resulted in a weeks mileage at 76 and a total mileage of 707.5 miles for the year . I feel quite pleased at that.

I have plans to attend the Cycle Touring festival at Clitheroe during the late May bank holiday. I am hoping to use my Dahon Speed TR with my Radical Designs trailer and was intending to do a bike and OAP bus pass trip. Unfortunately , I have found the council have withdrawn funding support for the buses I would want to use, I have also been enquiring about the tow path conditions on the Leeds Liverpool canal because this could also be used. Unfortunately, the section from Skipton to Barnoldswick is reputed to be very poor, rutted and muddy, so that isnt an option.  Well only if you ride a mountain bike which the Dahon isn’t.

Still there is time to sort out a suitable route as I will be doing this one solo. I can really tell that the daily riding is  paying off and my fitness level has risen so much that my DH has commented on it,

My lovely friend C, gave me a necklace with a bike charm on it yesterday. She knows what I like.




  1. 700 miles is an impressive total considering the number of named gales that have passed through. I will have to up my game.

  2. thanks TP – I have been trying to get the miles up. As we cycled in wind and rain last week \dh asked me which holiday it reminded me of – Every one was my reply. teehee

  3. Shall look forward to hearing more about the Cycle Touring festival Brenda – and how you get there.

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