Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 21, 2016

not so much cycling but lots more textiles

The start of the week was dire , with snow and ice, so Sunday’s ride was curtailed to 3 miles as the snow blizzard made my face freeze. As I cycled along , I made myself endure, thinking that it wasn’t so bad – it could have been June when we cycled across the polders in the Netherlands, in sleet.
Monday wasn’t much better, and as I couldn’t borrow an exercise bike, I resorted to cycling another 3 miles around the cultural hall of our chapel.
Tuesday was a better day , no snow just a brisk northerly wind and ice first thing. So in order to get in a ride , I visited my patients by bicycle and that got another 8.5 miles in.
Wednesday saw me with a streaming cold – itchy eyes and a runny nose – so no cycling as I needed to recover as I was going away. I missed a talk at our local CTC meeting to which I had been invited but was surprised to hear my doorbell ring. The lovely C had brought me a present. She made me a pair of bicycle earrings but I wont tell you the secret ingredient. heehee!

So Thursday dawned and I took a bus ride – well more than one to get up to Berwick upon Tweed. It was a beautiful day and my friend H and husband M picked me up from the bus station. I thought another day with no ride. Well, that wasn’t strictly true as they have bought e bikes and I tried H’s for a few hundred yards. They live right at the top of a hill , so the electric motor is fantastic for them.Brenda ebiking 2 Brenda ebiking 3

M had to hide behind the bus stop to take the view of me returning and unfortunately it doesn’t show Hume castle on top of the hill. They live in a stunning upside down house  – bedrooms on the ground floor- and they can see for miles on a good day , in very point of the compass. Because it is higher  and further north, you can see there was still snow about. Here is a picture I found of the castle.

I took up some of my sewing stuff – rulers and ruler feet to try on H’s Bernina 404 – while not a great fit on her adapter , it did well enough to do some on a quilt she is making and since I came home she has emailed to say she has ordered a foot and templates.

Friday morning saw us driven up to Edinburgh , to the show ground at Ingelston , to the Scottish Spring quilt fare. You may remember I showed some of my little light house quilts. Well I entered them to the show and got a runner up rosette  for my troubles. Not bad me thinks.TABLET - WIN_20160219_114913 TABLET - WIN_20160219_114857

I travelled both ways to Berwick by bus using my OAP bus pass , so it made travelling all that way extremely cheap – only 30p as one journey started before 9.30am on a weekday. While awaiting the bus home , a young Chinese man had alighted the train at Berwick, instead of North Berwick and he had a job interview. Explaining his plight to M, they immediately offered to drive him up there. Such kindness to a stranger . That’s just the sort of people Hand M are.

I bought a few things at the show including some circles for longarm quilting. Well , I am using them on a domestic machine with reasonable results. Still need more practice  but you can see the idea here.TABLET - WIN_20160221_094304 TABLET - WIN_20160221_094333 TABLET - WIN_20160221_094424 TABLET - WIN_20160221_094428

Now I am home again, I have started as I mean to go on , and got in a short ride this morning. Last week’s measly  15 miles , will need to be well exceeded this week


  1. Electric or power-assisted bikes, as they’re sometimes called, are perfect for people who have a hilly access to their home or suburb; or a long commuting ride – use the electric power going to work and then pedal power on the way home for exercise. I like them but, like you, have only ‘trialled’ one owned by someone else.

    p.s. The bicycle earrings…. would love to hear more about these.

    • The secret is pasta in the shape of bicycles painted silver with nail varnish. Might not be too durable so she sent me some replacements too

      • 😳 that’s an answer I would never have expected 🚲😄🚲

  2. Well done with the quilting prize.

  3. Great posts ib your winter cycling: you must be a masochist! I like the idea of those circles and rulers for quilting. My hand stitching has got very uneven with age, and if I could quilt on my Bernina that would be great.

    • I have never been a hand quilter Viv so if I tried it would be very uneven. I enjoy FMQ and with the new ruler system its even better although a learning curve. I don’t think I am a masochist just a bit bonkers wanting to ride very day and achieve 4000 miles this year. about on course to achieve that – every little helps

      • I was a dedicated cyclist in the past, but age and osteoporosis have put paid to that. I don’t even walk in bad weather. Bravo for your 4000 miles.

  4. I am hoping that by keeping active I will delay the ageing process but only time will tell. at 65 I am still going strong, however cycling does not stop osteoporosis so I will have to see on that one.

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