Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 6, 2016

Horrid Henry (Atlantic storm) hinders but doesn’t stop me.

Storm Henry followed hot on the heels of last week’s storm Gertrude but came with more ferocity and as winds gusted up to 70mph , I really didn’t want to cycle in it. What to do? I don’t have an exercise bike or  training rollers and the wind still didn’t abate as the sun went down. DH came up with a suggestion. He has a few things he could do at the chapel we attend, so he suggested that I take my folder and ride around the cultural hall. So that is just what I did and rode in circles for 3 miles.

Tuesday was still stormy but  in the later afternoon the wind dropped below 20mph so I got out and rode over to the Middlesbrough cycle circuit and used the 1 km track to clock up the miles.

Wednesday dawned with the most unusual clouds I have ever seen.IMG_1971 IMG_1972

These colours were actually in the sky and are called nacreous or mother of pearl clouds. Apparently the clouds form very high in the sky and  ice crystals are responsible for the light being refracted by a very low sun rising in the sky. These clouds only lasted a few minutes but were beautiful to see.

IMG_1973 Most days I was out in the early hours and it is now very noticeable how the days are lengthening. Hooray!

Today, DH and I tried to get in a bit longer ride but we knew that the forecast was for rain. We cycled up to Coulby Newham and then used the main road to get up to Newby. I was passed by a few “roadies” flashing past on swish road bikes but I am pleased with how I am managing to climb the small local hills.

IMG_1974  From Newby we took the gated road that has a ford about half way along and then road towards Great Ayton with a good view of Roseberry Topping. When we got into the village, the rain came along a few minutes before its predicted time so it was time to don the waterproofs for our return journey through old Nunthorpe Village and down through Marton.

IMG_1978 IMG_1976

In the photo on the left is a view of the old Poole Hall which was a hospital at one time and I worked there occasionally in the 1970’s. Just look at the daffodils blooming- much earlier than is normal.

We called and got some shopping in our pannier bags which we nearly always carry.

So this week , I still managed to cycle each day and clocked up 60 miles. Considering just how stormy it has been I am pleased with the result.


  1. Great clouds! I walked every day too although turned back one day when Horrid Henry really did nearly blow me over on the Ridgeway.

  2. hi Lizzie, well done on your walking. when the weather has been so bad just getting out is a victory

  3. Great photos I love Roseberry Topping, you put me to shame cycling everyday and have inspired me somewhat – tomorrow I am starting to “learn” how to run. Hope I have some of your energy and enthusiasm as I have not exercised in – well more years than I care to think about seeing as I am a confirmed couch potato! lol

    • I don’t run – cycling is something I enjoy and you have to find an exercise you enjoy. The most important thing if you are going to run is correct footwear and don’t do too much . Be gentle with yourself as you progress. In this weather also be aware of your surroundings eg. branches on trees or on the ground as the wind can bring things down. This helps me to determine my route. ou are never too old to start

  4. The mother-of-pearl clouds are beautiful. What a treat to see them!
    That was a great idea to ride around the cultural hall – a very cool use for the folding bike 🙂

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