Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 31, 2016

January Cycled


Well, I challenged myself to cycle everyday throughout January and I have managed to do it despite storms, hail, snow and rain. I have to say there was one  day when I only completed 2 miles but did manage 47 miles on another occasion.  I even cycled  at the local cycle centre one day when storm Gertrude was battering  away  and it was a relief going around a circuit so that the wind wasn’t head on all the time.

I would like to think that February , will also see me on the road – or the pavement- on most if not all days, but we shall see. Storm Henry is due to hit tomorrow so I will have to be careful , as I was almost blown off on Friday by Gertrude, the naughty girl.

The days are lengthening so that will give more time to get out in the light but as it is a slightly shorter month, I may not complete the same mileage as this month  which was 338.5 miles. Woohoo.


  1. I love this photo. It is worthy a a painted rendition. I think you’re brave cycling in a storm. Great mileage achievement

    • storm Henry has arrived with a vengeance this morning so discretion is the better part of valour today. the storm is due to last a few days so don’t know if I will get out as it seems to be worse than the previous storms

  2. Congratulations on your total! Henry certainly does seem to be worse than the other storms. So noisy last night I could hardy sleep.

    • I think it is actually getting worse as the day goes by. I just wonder how much damage will occur across our region let alone the country

  3. You sure are getting your fair share of storms and wind and bicycling do not go well together.. c

    • You are so right but today has dawned bright, chilly and much less windy so I am off out cycling before breakfast

  4. I’m impressed!
    I’m more familiar with kilometres so I converted your 338 miles and saw it’s about 544 kilometres. My weekly average is between 70 to 100 kms (~ 40 to 60 miles)… that’s just getting from ‘a to b’ for shopping, going to the beach etc. I don’t ride every day but most days…

    It’s exciting going out in wild weather… but I draw the line if there’s lightning. Then I stay tucked inside and watch it with excitement 🙂

    • We don’t get lightening very often but this winter I have never known so many storms running in to each other. It is quite a challenge to go out . This morning the wind was blowing at about 25-30mph and there was very gentle rain we call mizzle – it is fine but you still get soaked.

      • Windy weather is a challenge for sure. I like how bike riding makes me more aware of the weather and how it’s changing. If I was tucked away in a car, the weather would be less a feature in my day.

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