Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 24, 2016

Applique Mastery


I have been very fortunate this past week to attend a whole day workshop by the renowned quilter Philippa Naylor on applique techniques. She is a very gifted teacher and her attentions to detail is incredible but more than that she is willing to pass on all her little tips and tricks.

To be honest, I haven’t been too keen on applique work viewing it as tedious , however, I decided to use the opportunity to see if my views could be changed. All I can say is WOW. I have taken a couple of day workshops with Philippa in the past and have never been disappointed which is why I decided to take the chance. She brought along one of her quilts that she uses different techniques in and it is stunning. In addition she told us a story about a little quilt that she entered in to the Festival of Quilts last year. I thought at first it was appliqued but on closer inspection , it was all free machine quilted in different coloured threads with the most tiny stitches imaginable. She told me see uses 100wt silk thread and microtex needles size 60 to achieve this look. The competition called for quilts 30cms square. So in her mind that equated to 12 inches and that is what she made. Imagine her great disappointment to discover she had been disqualified as it was a few millimetres too large. She is going to enter it in some US shows where I am sure it will be a winner in a miniature category.

Philippa has written a book called Applique Mastery and in it she details different methods and explained that the look she is after will dictate which technique she uses.  I am delighted to have purchased the book and in the second part of the book she gives monthly tasks which will take you through each step to achieve your own quilt. However, she suggests that you don’t  have to stick rigidly to her pattern but can take elements and  create your own quilt making it bigger or smaller depending on your needs.

I have had a short time to read some of the book and can say that she covered  a lot but there is more in the book and I have  had a bit of play time. I have used 3 methods and her bird pattern to try them out. The satin stitch on my Janome 8200 works very well using rayon 40 wt thread.


So now will I follow her patterns on divert on to my own work of art. I really don’t know.


I found out yesterday , that the journal quilts I entered into the Spring Quilt show run by Grosvenor has been awarded a runner up rosette so I am quite pleased.

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