Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 23, 2016

Winter Picnic – sort of


Well today has been the best day of the week. I have cycled in wind , rain, freezing fog and frost but today the forecast was for cloudy with a bit of sun. So as I had only managed 41 miles for the week , DH and I decided to ride across to Northallerton. I even had to take off one layer and wear sunglasses as the temperature rose to 9C which for January is more like spring.

The ride across to Northallerton was our usual route through Yarm  and then up to Kirklevington and along Forest lane towards Worsall tollbar where we turn left and follow the road through Appleton Wiske,  Deighton and Brompton before riding into our destination. The fields still show signs of flooding and standing water and the roads are potholed and water logged in places and so we had to take care often riding in the centre of the road. We noticed that many of the hedge bottoms had been cleared to try to have somewhere for the water to drain away to.  The wind was blowing from the SW and it was a slog in to a headwind the whole way. Usually the ride takes us about 2 hrs but today it was more like 3. Still not to worry, the roadies buzzed past us , whizzing along on their lightweight road bikes. We were on our solidly built Koga Randonneurs. Not fast but are bomb proof.

I called in to a shop and bought myself some meg pegs for my quilting. They are sold for clipping large items like duvets on to lines so I will use in a different way.IMG_1959

I also called into Boyes and got some cotton to back a quilt I am working on.  So onto the return journey and we decided to just retrace out route. We stopped in the bus shelter in Brompton  and unfolded out wonderful Helinox chairs and I had intended to make cheese toasties but discovered I had forgotten the frying pan, duh!  So it was cheese sandwiches  and hot oxo – very frugal and  its lovely to chat to local people.  So it wasn’t much of a picnic but we almost flew back with the wind behind us and we had fun.

So my mileage for the week was 88.6 miles and I am pleased with that .



  1. You are persistent in such awful weather. There’s something about getting outside to cycle or walk or whatever, despite the conditions. I love the idea of a picnic in the bus shelter.

  2. hi Robyn, we do use bus shelters as they keep the wind off. often they have no seats so we take our own chairs. no one ever seems to mind that we aren’t waiting for a bus. Actually som of the villages have a bus shelter but no buses anymore!

  3. Interesting about use of bus shelters. How come no longer buses? Not enough interest or population in that area is dwindling?

  4. a lot of the villages are losing or have lost bus services as they have to be subsided by local government and because of the economic environment these services are seen as one way of cutting back. however, if you don’t have transport eg. elderly or disabled then you are really stuck unless you have family and friends to help. its a sad situation with more and more services being cut.

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