Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 16, 2016

Snow, wind , rain , sunshine all in one week

Well, I have kept to my intention of cycling every day but it has been hard. I start measuring the mileage on a Sunday and early on that morning it was  dark,with icy rain and very strong winds. DH ” advised ” that I didn’t go out so I waited until after church. DS1 was left to cook the afternoon meal while I went out and cycled all of 5 miles in the rain and bitingly cold wind. Still I had done it and we had a lovely meal too.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all entailed early morning rides  often in the rain and strong winds but come Thursday , the temperatures plummeted and frost formed   just before dawn. So I was sensible and went on a late afternoon ride. Again only a 5 miler and as I  near the linear park , the beck was swollen and rushing along. It was obvious ,at some stage , it must have overflowed the top onto the cycle path.

I was lucky enough to have a free day , with no work on Friday  and it was lovely to see blue skies and sunshine although it was very cold. DH and I decided a trip out was the order of the day. It was very icy and because of all the previous rain , there were large frozen puddles.  Care was needed so we headed across to Stockton and rode some of the cycle tracks there . I am sad to report that the cycle tracks we had cleaned in the late autumn , are littered once again. So sad. The hills had some snow covering and we got a lovely view of Roseberry topping across in the 3 - Copy

So Friday’s tally was 22 miles. I later learned that other rides for the day had been cancelled although some other  brave or otherwise souls had cycled up to Great Ayton.

Saturday also dawned bright and brrrr cold with lots of icy puddles and frost. Still, as it was sunshine , we didn’t want to waste a moment. I needed to do an errand in town , so that is where we headed first, then down to the river and across to Saltholme. I was chilly so note I , called in to the café and had a hot chocolate and home made scone. DH stayed outside and looked after the bikes.  He is a true Yorkshireman – pockets sewn up teehee!

On the way down to the river we came across this forlorn horse, chained up with no sign of a water source and it had been there yesterday 4

It didn’t want to move so we lifted the chain and got through. However, on the way back, it was still there and seemed to be  holding one hoof , off the ground. Should we called the RSPCA? Well , coming back through the town, we saw a lot of policemen and so stopped to ask advice . They were going back to HQ and so they said they would deal with the matter as they have links with the RSPCA.  I didn’t like to see it being just left in such a condition.

Returning home, we had clocked up another 22 miles and so that made a total of 80 miles for the week. Am I mad? I rode up the street a short way until I saw the odometer turn to 80.

Later in the day , we drove up to Peterlee to attend a farewell for a young friend who is going off to serve a mission for the church for 18 months . The gathering of family and friends   was being held  in the school she used to attend as a child. He father got permission to hold it there. I was impressed by this  sign.


.photo 3

I hope you can read it. if you can’t , please let me know.



  1. Well done, very impressive mileage.

  2. I am pleased too. Spent some time stitching this morning so will get out this afternoon.

  3. Am always intrigued how different countries…can have some different horses that we seldom see in my area. And I live in an area of Canada, where people do enjoy and own horses.

  4. I thin this poor horse probably is owned by someone who is or was part of a travelling community and is left out in all weathers chained up on its own. not very nice life I think, so sad to see it like this.

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