Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 9, 2016

Rain, rain go away

Well , the first full week of the new year has seen rain every day. In other parts of the north of England and in Scotland , there has been extensive flooding causing devastation to home , businesses and cycle tracks. There have been landslips affecting roads and rail services and I count myself lucky to have managed to cycle everyday.


I have to say, I have had to push myself and keep telling myself I wont melt in the rain. It is still unseasonably warm at about 7-9C but apparently that is going to change . Mostly, I went out in the early morning , cycling in the dark the whole time. I have lights on my helmet and on my cycle as well as the dynamo lighting on my Koga Randonneur, It has been either too dark or too rainy to take any photos so I will just report that I have completed 58.5 miles during the week.

I also attended my quilt group meeting and took along the quilt I finished just before Christmas to Show and Tell and as a result I have been asked to give a demonstration at the next meeting. I am only too happy to show others how it can extended your free machining capabilities.


So here is to another week of hopefully cycling every day  ,photo 2 - Copy just to show there is still a lot of standing water, although I took this last week.


  1. I am in awe of the conditions under which you cycle – amazing! While you consider 7-9C warm, I walked in the early morning here on the East Coast of Oz at 26C (warm) before it got too hot – such a contrast. I would love to see your newly completed quilt Brenda. You are obviously an accomplished needleworker.

    • Robyn if you look back a couple of posts there is a photo

      • Thank you. I’ve just seen the quilt show. Some of those are quite beautiful – and intricate.

      • I am working on another but using up some quilt blocks from many years ago that were gifted to me. It is only because I want to practice the actual quilting. I was going to cycle now but it is dark wet and very windy so DH has asked me to wait until this afternoon when the forecast is for dry.? It was sad to see some people had died in Western Australia because of the fires

      • Yes – a tragedy. Sadly bushfires are a summer hazard every year in one part of the country or another

  2. Gosh well done for cycling in the dark. Truly admirable!

    • Barmy really but it is the only time available some days

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