Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 3, 2016

New year cycling and stitching

Well the 2nd January arrived wet but not hammering down so I decided to ride. DH was sorting out a problem on his dynamo system so I went off on my own. Kept it local and rode 7 miles before coming home. By then DH had taken off on his own, so I didn’t bother taking off my cycling clothes, thinking he wouldn’t be too long before he arrived back. We could go out again, I hoped.

Well , I decided to change my shoes and go up into the loft to sew a bit. I decided my work diary , about A4 size , needed a protective cover. I rummaged in the stash and found some darkish blue cotton fabric and a 1990’s Laura Ashley remnant for a lining. Yes, I am a hoarder of fabric.  I used ruler work and free machine quilting to make a different design on back and front. I was really pleased with it.cover2 cover4

By the time DH returned, it was hammering down and so I didn’t cycle gain on Saturday but DH had completed 40 miles going over to Hartlepool, up the old rail track to Haswell and returning via Hurworth Burn. He puts me to shame.

This morning, Sunday,  I got up and cycled 3 miles just as the sky was lightening and the birds were starting to chirrup . I don’t usually cycle on Sunday , but it was dry, so why not.

I really should make a wall hanging saying  You won’t  melt in the rain – to try to motivate myself. teehee.


  1. I don’t get up late but I still need a wall hanging that says “You WILL regret not getting up EARLY. So GET UP!” It’s the only way I’ll get in more cycling and walking and sewing (and cuddling of newborn grandchild…).

    • Ooh ooh a new grandchild . How lovely. Now you need a baby trailer when you look after him/ her.

      • Wouldn’t have the confidence to use one….! especially on our spectacularly awful Oxfordshire roads!

      • Its a shame as you could have a lot of fun after about 8 months or so

  2. shame. are there no old reail rails that are off road near you. pulling the weight will give you a workout

  3. The work on this cover is lovely! I like to sew but I don’t think I would have the control to get this kind of result. Do you have a special machine?

    • No but I have a bigger than usual machine with an 11 inch throat area to get quilts into.

      • Aha! That makes me feel a little less competent : )

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