Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 29, 2015

Cleaning up x2

After a reasonably quiet week weather-wise, we had promised to go and help the volunteers clear the cycle tracks over in Stockton on Tees on Saturday.  We checked the forecast and it wasn’t good, so making sure we had packed our wet weather gear, we set off the quick way to the meet up point over near Holme House Prison. There were quite a few volunteers gathered and I donned my over trousers as the mizzle started. Fortunately, it was short lived  but offered protection from the cold wind. There was a 6C drop for Friday

Y organised the event very well and asked if we would ride off to one of the bridges.  A volunteer had told her it wasn’t too bad along there – it wasn’t if you rode past quickly, however , on closer inspection , there was loads of stuff dumped there. I think it is just thrown off the bridge but why is a bit of a mystery to me.  A decided to join us and the 3 of us set to and started the cleaning near to the bridge. It is amazing what gets thrown away and between us we found 21p hehe. DH and I got a system going. He went to the top of the bank and started throwing down  bottles and cans which I picked up. Conveniently, some person had pre-packed their  own rubbish bags before throwing them away , so they came down too.  Y had brought her cycle trailer and rode up and down taking away the filled bags  to the pick up point.

The most sad find was an old sewing machine that really was beyond repair. C and I pretended to fight over who was taking it home.Facebook-20151129-065412 I think it was a Singer 99.

There were 12 of us volunteers in all and we did a good job amassing a good load of trash.Facebook-20151129-065438 Facebook-20151129-065504

Thank you to Sustrans and Y for a lovely light lunch at the River View Café at the Barrage. It was on our way home , fortunately, as the rain started down very heavily and the wind was howling all the way back. Another satisfying day.


  1. Good for you for doing your bit. Picking up rubbish is not a nice job, but very satisfying when you see how much better the place looks.

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