Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 21, 2015

Cleaning up

Last Saturday, 14th November 2015, we were supposed to go and help clean up the local cycle track but it was postponed. So we had a ride along the river, but only had time for that and not a longer ride. However, it was relatively mild but over cast and not windy.IMG_1894

Hear is a photo of the replica Endeavour that Capt James Cook sailed to Australia in and a lone rower.

Today, was the day for the clean up. Guess what? The weather was awful with the first snow flurries of the winter and the wind blowing a hoolie. Still, there were 5 brave (bonkers) souls who turned up to clean the track beneath Newport Bridge. In the past couple of years the bridge over the Tees has been refurbished and it took a lot longer and more money than was expected. The workmen left a couple of weeks ago but left a lot of rubbish and there had also been fly tipping.

DH took the trailer with a spade and brush and cleared the wet slippery leaves off the track at the bottom of the ramp which will make it much safer. It was getting to be a bit scary getting across this bit.IMG_1899IMG_1900

We collected a big pile of rubbish and left it ready for collection by the local refuse workers.


DH and I didn’t bother to go and have lunch with the others as it was quicker for us to ride straight home which is what we did.

I spent the afternoon  stitching  away on a quilt I am working on. I hope to get it finished before Christmas.




  1. Even though I may never cycle that path – thank you for your hard work and in this cold weather too. You post has served to remind me that when I walk up our litter strewn hill again, I need to take bag with me….

    • that’s a good idea Lizzie. It is something I do around here as it can get very littered living near to fast food outlets

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