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Cycling and Stitching

The past week has been wet almost everyday, at least for a large part of the day, so I only had about 30 miles in for the week. Not good. I don’t know about you but while I don’t mind if it rains while I am out , I just get on with it , but if the rain is teeming down, then it puts me off going out . So the forecast for today was reasonably good, DRY and a little sun but unseasonably warm for the time of year.

So by 9.30 am  , Dh and I were on the road but where too.  The wind was coming from the SW so we decided to head into it . I always think it is better to go into the wind and then hopefully have it on your back going home.  Heading up on the  good cycle track, we called in at the Parkway centre so I could buy some of my favourite liquorice tea  and then headed along through old Nunthorpe village and on to Great Ayton. The  Cleveland hills could be seen but there was a lot of cloud spilling down into the valley. It would have been difficult walking through it.


Cleveland Hills

Cleveland Hills

DH and I had different ideas on which way to head but I thought of a previous ride this year and led the way up through Little Ayton and on to Kildale. At the junction in this little village we turned up  right and along to Ingleby Greenhow. We got quite a surprise here as there was a hunt meet on. Obviously, they don’t hunt foxes but it looked like the traditional hunt and the landlord form the local pub was handing out food and drink – but not too us!!


I was surprised to see many of the lady riders in full makeup. It must not be as ” glow making ” as cycling. I must be a horse as I definitely sweat. The riders allowed us to pass and were very friendly getting the dogs out of our way so we could get through and not be held up.

Again , shortly after we turned right and rode along through Great Broughton , crossing the B 1257and on to Carlton in Cleveland and Busby.  Once at the A172 , we decided to ride the main road into Stokesley  where we had a brief stop. A young family man , who is obviously and keen cyclist , was having a look at our cycles and was asking about the stuff we have. He had never seen a Zounds3 horn and DH showed him how it can be recharged just using the inflator that is used for inner tubes and then demonstrated the loudness of the sound.

We cycled out and along to the bank at Tanton but instead of taking the main road home , we turned off at the bottom and rode along to Newby. Another chap was coming up to the junction and called out to us. He caught us up just outside the village and rode along chatting for a while. He was headed for Thornaby and hasn’t cycle camped for many years but did love it.

We headed in different directions after a while and we turned off for Stainton and then along towards Hemlington lake. The autumn colours are so good at present, despite the wet leaves being a slip hazard.IMG_1887 IMG_1888 IMG_1890

It is interesting to note the different colours presented by the different trees from shades of deep copper through lemon gold.

We got home having cycled about 32 miles by 1.30pm.

With all the wet weather , I have completed a quilt top and got it prepared to quilt. I have been doing a Craftsy class about using rulers to help with free machine quilting.  While its not perfect, I thought I would share one of the blocks that I have completed.

IMG_1891 This is just with the ruler work.

IMG_1893 IMG_1892

I hope you can see the FMQ fill in. I deliberately didn’t use a high contrast thread  to disguise mistakes. I really am enjoying creating this quilt and learning new techniques. A perfect day for me.


  1. Yes, a perfect day; riding the bicycle and quilting. Me too. Hopefully we will have some good weather this week and I can get one more ride in before winter. I love the curved ruler work. I have not attempted that yet. Soon.

    • Thank you Elizabeth. It was my first attempt at curved work and while not perfect, it was far better than I could have managed free hand.

  2. I was sweating on the bike yesterday too – it was so mild! Very enjoyable reading about your ride.

    • thanks Lizzie. Did you get a mail asking about your sewing blog or was it not yours duh!!

      • Er, sorry Brenda…. I don’t understand what you mean!

  3. When it’s not raining, this season can definitely be the best one to ride in. What with the climate and the exquisite views it provide. But hey, at least you get to do something productive even during the rainy days.

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