Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 20, 2015

Tuesday Twirl

Being self employed has its advantages,  and today was one of those slack days that happened to coincide with decent weather – little wind and dry. Yiphee!!

DH was busy as he is building a counter for a friends new toy shop venture and he needed to go and do some measuring up so we cycled along to Stockton together  but by the shortest route. However, eager to get on with the project, he rode home alone leaving me to make my way back along the river.

I was going down towards the river and came across these knitted and crocheted bollard covers, similar to things we had seen in Germany and Holland.IMG_1876

Just along from the Tees rowing club , I came across this. Don’t look if dog pooh offends you.IMG_1877 Neatly encircled by red paper cups to make it stand out, the offending pile was clearly demarcated  to stop anyone getting messed up. However, what I found incongruent was the pile of rubbish left not 15 feet away,IMG_1878 It annoys me that people just leave their rubbish  and dog pooh wherever they feel like. ggggrrrrr!

However, riding on downriver, I was so pleased to see this heron and even more delighted that I had time to get out the phone and get a few photos before it flew off upstream.IMG_1880 IMG_1879

It started to get a bit cold and I thought it might rain but I continued along into town and up through the park before returning home.

Then I spent a bit of time cutting fabric for another quilt and then the sun came out. Well, I didn’t want to miss out so I went off again accompanied by DS1 and got a few more miles in. DS1 came in useful when he looked after the cycles while I did a bit of shopping too. Only about 18 miles but I feel like I have got a lot done today.







  1. I like the idea of red cups, but might they blow away if it is windy? People rubbish is just as annoying.

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