Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 17, 2015

Autumn is definitley here

Well, I recovered mostly from the head cold and so we went out for a short ride today. Firstly, we delivered the baby quilt to my friend and I got to hold her new born dark haired, dark eyed daughter who is just beautiful.IMG_1868[1]

From there we cycled across to Marton ( home of Captain Cook who sailed to Australia and New Zealand) and then down to the recently opened Cycle Circuit at Prissick base Middlesbrough. The trees  are really starting to show autumn colours and

IMG_1871 I hope you can see them here. DH suggested I take a selfie so here goes.IMG_1872

Sorry its a little misty but it was cold and I needed those clear glasses to stop my eyes running.

When we got to the circuit we were greeted by Chris , the cycle officer and we could see someone coming around the bend so I took a quick snap.


On closer inspection I realised it is a chap we call Davy Redlegs as in the winter he often wears red football socks. It was good to see him and all the more because he had been on a 3 mls park run earlier in the day,

The idea today was to get people using the 1km circuit and to see if cumulatively a distance of 200kms could be clocked up by participants. There were families and ladies clocking up the kms and as we were leaving 2 speedy road lads started whizzing around. I cycled 15 kms and DH did 20kms. The idea of the 200 kms is, this is the distance between the abbey at Whitby where St Hilda was and Durham catherderal where St Cuthbert was buried. Monks going between the 2 centres would stop at the Tees hence the old name of Middleburg.


Unfortunately, we were trying to support 2 different events and so had to leave to travel over to a celebration of the family at our church in Billingham.  There were lots of different displays from frugal cooking to scrap booking and family history to financial prudence. I have to say the cakes were delicious. yum yum.


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