Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 27, 2015

Quilting, Frugality and Cycling – all in one day

We have had a lovely day, combining all the things that are special to me. On Friday evening we went to help set up a quilting exhibition for Pieceful Day quilters , a group I attend the first Thursday of the month. Saturday saw us cycling over to Egglescliffe Parish Hall , about 8 miles from home, to help put the finishing touches to things. I will share some photos but hope this post isn’t too photo filled for you, dear reader- especially those who have no real interest in quilting.


These are quilts made for one of the local hospices and also numerous items made to sell for charity. Here are some of the quilts that I like.  First is my own Wheels quilt which was lovely to see hanging.


Then I was really attracted to this Baltimore style quilt, which I would never attempt, as there is just so much hand work in it.


Then , this odd shaped quilt was made from recycled shirts but it is for the cabin of a yacht , that D spends the summer sailing in and it fits into the shape of the cabin.IMG_1856 Sorry its a little blurred.

There were numerous other smaller and larger quilts too.

After this we cycled through across ” the hilly way” to Darlington through Middleton St George and on to Lingfield Point where the “Festival of Thrift ” was on. There isn’t really any secure parking but the lads from Bike Stop looked after them for us.

IMG_1846 IMG_1847

This is an organisation that recycles bicycles and a young boy was delighted that his mother bought him a reconditioned mountain bike for £50 as she had seen one almost the same in a big box store for 4 times the price.

There were street entertainers and food stalls – I bought a jar of gooseberry jam – and all sorts of goodies to see.IMG_1843 IMG_1845


The ladies were sitting in repurposed wheel barrows to have a cooling foot treatment.

People are very ingenious when it comes to recycling and repurposing items but I have to say that  some of the lovely things on sale were way out of what I would be prepared to pay. Having said that , I do understand the amount of time and effort that goes in to making things , so prices are fair.

We sat and had cheese toasties made on our camp stove – that’s frugal for you. Then we set off and rode a different way back as we needed to help dismantle the exhibition.

A lovely day out.



  1. I have just been sent a link to your blog from my friend down in Essex. Directly behind the ladies in the wheelbarrows she spotted Tony and I 🙂 How on earth she noticed is beyond me. I love the photo’s of quilts that you have shared. I am in awe

    • Is that the grey haired man? its a small world. Are you local or did you travel far to the festival, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

      • It is. Short bloke tall wife…. 🙂 Actually I am not really all that tall but look huge next to him. We live in Nunthorpe and visited the festival with friends

      • I live in Linthorpe. even smaller world

  2. Your wheels quilt is lovely! A Festival of Thrift – wow, what a fantastic idea! I might just suggest having one to our local sustainable group.

    • thank you- somewhere in previous posts , there is another quilt Giro that I made after cutting the circles out to insert the wheels wedges.

  3. What a good idea to have a festival of thrift. The quilts are lovely, especially yours.

  4. thanks Ilona – I do enjoy quilt making, The festival was very interesting an I saw some really good things. you would have loved it. Maybe you can come up next year to attend it.

  5. Hi,Brenda.
    hope you and Joe are well and are enjoying your bike rides.
    your WHEELS quilt is stunning,so many lovely colours.
    You can turn your hand to anything.
    had my bike out this afternoon,as the weather was so good.
    Hope to catch up with you one day.X

    • hi Tina – lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your lovely comment. Glad you have been out cycling. I was to busy working unfortunately. I hope we can catch up too and soon.

  6. Yes, that Baltimore Quilt would take a lot of patience.

    Wheels for you quilt…sounds slightly bike oriented. 😉

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