Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 19, 2015

Autumn equinox – almost.

Well, here we are  in mid  September and where has this year gone. I checked my bike computer and find I have cycled about 3200 miles so far this year.  We had beautiful weather today, in stark contrast to how it has been over the past week. We had been hoping to have a few days cycle camping but the weather scuppered that.

So today, we knew we couldn’t go too far as we had to be back to pick up DS2 who has been away in Spain with his autism group.  So last night we decided  a trip up to Saltburn would be on if the weather was dry.  Then this morning, R messaged me to ask if we could drop in as he needed some help with a cycle related problem.

It was a lovely ride up through Normanby and Eston and along past Kirkleatham  Museum in the unseasonably  warm sunshine.  We called in to see R and DH and DS1 sorted out his new cycle computer which was a bit difficult to set up as it had a full book to explain it!!! So after we sat in R’s garden sipping chocolate and eating biscuits until almost noon.

Then we cycled on to Saltburn, passing the Sustrans volunteers cutting down the wild flower meadow to get it to reseed for next year.  We stopped for ice cream and I chose a Whitby Goth – liquorice and blackcurrant ice cream – yummy.

Returning, we cycled along the coast and then called in to see Pip , who was in the shower, but called down for us to wait. He has had huge changes in his lifestyle after his wife’s recent near fatal  health condition which has resulted in him loosing over 4 sts. Well done Pip  and H , you are inspirational.

Recently, on the textile front , I have been inspired to work on a couple of pieces which I may enter into a competition next year. I have had great fun stitching and colouring. I have been influenced by my recent bike and bus pass trip, seeing various light houses , that I have loved all my life.


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